Current Happenings

This is what is happening in our little piece of the world.  We are currently in beautiful Colorado (<3) in the midst of a family adventure…We are running an off the grid guest ranch for the season.   We moved out of the home we were renting in Oregon (Oregon, Oh how I love you) this spring and hit the open road to SW Colorado where we are until sometime in the fall…. We absolutely love it here and the beauty that surrounds us is absolutely amazing.  We get to spend most of our days all together as a family working, playing and resting.

 I am Loving life with my super and awesome husband and 2 busy toddler boys, Kelvin and Bo  (and our 4 legged, Chaco ).  Aside from our current adventure and the tasks that bring, I stay at home with our littles.  Also, I wish I could say that I excel at being a home-keeper but my  house is a wreck, the sink is full of dishes and my kids are usually covered in yogurt and dirt, but this is life… and I love it.

We are daily dreaming, coming up with ideas and trying to figure out what in the world we want in this life…for OUR family.   Our ideas and what we do are probably crazy to most people around us… we are not the typical American Family (for the most part).  I mean look at us – we are defiantly not doing what most others in our current life-stage are doing.  We may appear to have it all together, but that is not really our goal in life.   {That sounds bad, I know}  We would love to have it all together of course, but not in the same way that others “have it all together” (from the outside looking in).  A lot of the time, someone may appear to have it all together but really, are in shambles, have a ton of debt from what society says you should have… or who knows what.  We may appear to not have it all together to others actually, but really, we may (hopefully one day) have it together in the best of ways! That is our hope and we are working toward that.  We want absolute minimal stress, peace, rest and a “manageable plate” that does not leave us exhausted at the end of the day trying to keep up with too many unnecessary things . Our latest trend has been to try and take things off our plate instead of add to it.  I don’t think life should be lived in a super hectic state for long periods of time. Take time to enjoy what you have and spend with with those you love.  Life goes fast – isn’t that what everyone says?

Stay tuned, all!

… stay tuned for updates and also remember, we are not bored, so don’t get bored with my lack of updating this page as often as would be best – find an adventure for yourself each day and never cease to enjoy life and find something to smile and jump around for each day!

Have a wonderful day!


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