About “because life matters…”
This blog is written by me, Beka. It is primarily about my family and our life together but it’s not meant to be all about me or us, if that makes any sense at all.  It hopefully can apply to a wide group of people and bring thought, laughter or a simple smile.   I intend to write and post stories, ideas, recipes, thoughts, pictures, and many other things that can cause more than just laughter, thoughts or that simple smile, but also, inspiration, and even growth. It does not hold a specific theme or scheme. I am quite certain that it will be constantly changing as I travel through life and experience new things, locations and meet new people.  If there is not something that grabs you now, check back again later – maybe it will then!  I have always been told that life is so short – it goes so fast. So,  I want to try and maximize life and enjoy it to the fullest and here is where I will share about it, so come along for the ride and get in on the fun.
Please feel free to join me here… chew on the meat and spit out the bones.  As just stated, life goes fast, but that does not mean that your life does not matter.  Here is to creating the life you want for yourself and having fun along the way…overcoming each setback and allowing victories to propel you forward!

About Beka…

I am…

  • A project – which means I am constantly  “under construction”. I don’t desire perfection and I don’t need it, but as time goes on the things that I do need become fewer as I realize what is really important in life.  I need peace, simplicity and time to discover who I really genuinely am… whatever that may be!
  • Adventurous – Sometimes restless too. I often crave to do things that are out of the ordinary. and against the norm.
  • Up for challenges – it is sometimes hard to appreciate things that come very easily without work and dedication.  Just because something needs to be worked at does not mean you should not do it or have it.
  • A wife – yay for 06.12.10! My husband is the BEST!
  • A mommy – I have two beautiful boys! They tug down into the deepest part of me.
  • Into Food – I love baking and cooking, as well as learning about food and especially eating it!
  • A dreamer – I’ve always been called a dreamer but I do not believe that dreams enter our heads by chance or randomness but for purpose and direction.
  • A wanna-be artist –  I am not very good at “art” but I like things that involve creativity, planning and lots of color!
  • Outdoor-sy – more specifically, I love spending time outside, especially in the mountains or anywhere that the sun is shining bright and street-lights are not!
  • Into coffee – If I had my choice, I would spend hours sitting at the coffee shop having conversations with those I love, but if not, our porch will do and I can’t get enough of it.
  • Never bored – does boredom literally exist? How can you literally be bored?
  • Shooting to live to the young age of, oh… 120.
  • OK, I’m also many other things, but I am getting carried away already… because I am behind on everything at my house.

I am not…

  • A quitter – but consider it ok to re-evaluate and change my direction in order to reach my goals and dreams which are numerous and to most somewhat extreme.
  • A fan of sideways snow/sleet/hail/rain – the kind that pelts the face.
  • Likely to let cold water touch anywhere on my body.
  • Good at flossing my teeth every day, but when I do I get all the cracks
  • One to freak out  if the different foods on my plate touch
  • A settler – as in, I am not going to settle (for just “alright”) – …  I can always improve myself and what I have been given
  • A van person… even if there are 2 sliding doors controlled by remote, a mini-fridge and hot tub in the back and drop down flat screens with surround sound
  • Desiring to live my life like others have lived and do not want to be classified into any specific category.

About photographs…

  •  If you would like to use, share or purchase any photographs/prints on my blog, please contact me directly for permission.



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