No more monkeys jumping on the bed

(posted very late)

No more Monkey’s Jumping on the Bed

This song.

I’m not sure to love or hate it.

Yesterday afternoon I was walking (waddling) around picking up random things in an attempt to stay ahead of the mess  (avoid getting eaten by the messy house) and the silence stopped me in my tracks.  BOTH of my little (big) boys were occupied intensely doing their own {quiet} thing.  One was looking at a sticker book and one was coloring…

They were on opposite ends of the room.

There was no physical contact whatsoever.

They were not bothering each other, the dog or scattering toys and clean laundry.

They were not re-enacting any “Paw-Patrol” missions or using their stuffed animals as crash dummies.

They weren’t even covered in peanut butter.

I wished at that very moment that I could have a hot cup of coffee {and pink sprinkle donut} because it truly felt very much like a little party in my bones.

I knew I didn’t have much time, so I impulsively decided to sit down at my computer… and do something – although, I have no idea what… but maybe just something with total focus like return some emails or mindlessly see what Pinterest wanted to “feed” me.

But first, some quiet music sounded great. I opened up pandora and didn’t think through long enough to realize that the last station I had blaring was  “Toddler Radio” – and guess what song sounds off with gusto….

No more monkeys jumping on the bed

Both Boys instantly look up, give each other the look and tear down the hall to their BEDS and begin jumping and yelling the lyrics, bouncing back and forth between their side by side beds.

Following this was a dance party in the living room.  It’s not like you can change things up after that without resistance… and why not get some energy expended.

Then, one became offended over the other not crawling like a bear and instead jumping like a kangaroo. Big deal. It was a no kangaroos allowed kind of event.

Following this was a hair-pulling scream-fest, all out brawl.

I forgot what was next.

Then peanut-butter.

Isn’t it funny how a song supposedly intended to teach kids that they can get hurt jumping like crazy lunatics on their bed actually encourages jumping on the bed? Or is it supposed to cause jumping and kid like fun?  Either way, I’m pretty sure kids everywhere jump on beds – I sure know that I did. It helps define childhood and shows they’re alive… pretty sure it’s a milestone because you don’t ever have to teach a kid how to jump on a bed – it’s just in the cards from day 1.

It was just bad timing.

****Can we pretend that I posted this when I actually wrote it… 5 months ago, while 8 months pregnant and watching yet another snow storm build up-up-up… On top of that,  a buried snow shovel we couldn’t find to save our lives under 3 feet of snow and me unable to even shovel if it was in my hand let alone function normally with crazy sciatica pain…awaiting a husbands return from out of town work?

But it makes sense why I couldn’t get the blog done… the peanut butter won yet again. Either way, I am so late in posting that it’s just ridiculous, but I wanted to post it because first,  this JUST HAPPENED again (a different day, different situation and different time of year) and second I’d love to preserve these day-to-day memories!

Oh motherhood!  Maybe I’ll shoot another post at you that was a draft from months ago.

Until Next time – which hopefully involves sharing pictures of my new little squish!



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