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Don’t worry, we are waterproof

Last night I looked at the clock and realized we had about 15 minutes until it was time to get jammies on.  The boys wanted to play a few more minutes outside with their dump trucks and I thought – why not get ONE MORE burst of energy out before bed… maybe they will sleep in a little bit tomorrow. That never hurts!


So, out the door they went and ran straight to their dump trucks.  I thought I would grab my phone incase I could snap a few pictures of them running around. The lighting seemed pretty and you never want to miss a good photo-op!  So I come back out from grabbing my phone (which is useless up here with no cell service, but great for picture taking on the fly) and see that they now have stripped off their socks, shoes and one has already shed pants and are getting into the huge mud hole by the cabin we are staying in (which has no bathtub BTW).

Honestly, I cringed from head to toe because IT IS BEDTIME – precious precious bedtime.  Do not ever mess with bedtime.  Up here at this altitude with them playing their hearts out, they get so tired and need all the sleep they can get.  So I asked… or exclaimed or shrieked for that matter – “WHAT ARE YOU GUYS DOING”?  They looked at me like everything was completely normal and under control and replied calmly-

“Mom, it is ok to do this because we are waterproof.”

I believe I just got schooled.


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