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Bo update // it’s been 2 years! 

I cannot believe it has been 2 full years since our lively Bo had his brain surgery. (click for history)I’ve not forgotten it but I’m thankful that it is over and we’ve been given full release from his surgeon.   I am beyond thankful for the amazing, better than expected outcome and could not be more thankful or feel more blessed. The anniversary date will always be a big day for this mommy.

This kid…

He is full of life,  joy, spunk,  pizzaz, noise and if he has his dinner choice – spaghetti.

He is brave,  fast and does things with all his might! He does not give up and sure gives his big brother a run for his money!

I can’t imagine life without this  boy! I’m just so blessed to call him mine!


He loves to sit on my lap in the mornings and watch nature pass by while he tells me whatever is on his mind. He promises not the touch my coffee, but by golly, he has got to smell it…  Every time.

Love you my precious Bo! 


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