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I fell off a mountain… not really

I know it seems like I fell off the face of the earth… at least the blog earth and, really –  I guess I did! I did not realize how forever ago it was that I posted.  I know, pretty lame-o.  If you are wondering what in the world happened to us up here it is simple – nothing and everything!   And I did not actually fall off a mountain thank goodness, but I don’t blame ya for thinkin’ so since I’ve been legitamitely MIA.

Everything is going ok up here in the beautiful mountains of SW Colorado. We have had a few bumpy patches along with some great times too, but that’s life and I’m thankful that we are still here and all together and healthy and all that.

Truthfully, I have not really been on the computer much lately except for dealing with the business side of the guest ranch and personal emails from time to time.  I still have yet to upload tons of precious pictures so I am legitimately (the word of the day I think) behind – sigh.  I keep trying and I think what happened possible is that my USB cord went bad… Something like that.

Also, we’ve moved around a bit between cabins this season…my hubs has been gone working out of state, and my time has been a bit more pressed with being the only set of eyes on the boys,  doing what needs to be done around here on the ranch, cleaning cabins, moving when need-be and whatever else comes up during the days.  Earlier in the season we could do things all together and be a full time family so it definately switches when it’s just me but I am thankful I can start to get caught up again slowly.

Also, for most people this next thing it is weird to think about  – but we have ZERO cell phone coverage… not even the good ol’ fashioned roaming signal. We have to drive several miles down the road to pick up a little bit.  We do however have internet, but it is a very simple satellite connection and the signal is not good from most the cabins. Uploading a simple picture can be so slow and in that amount of time the kids are doing who knows what… and it times out and its time to move on to other things.

Then, the other factor is… When I finally get the bouncy bundles of joy in bed, I feel like I’m beyond ready to do the same and can barely function past 9 it feels like.  I kind of feel like a sleep deprived toddler…   Rather unreasonable.  I think to myself … please don’t make me adult, tuck me in my bed directly after the kids go down with 12 fluffy warm blankets and wake me up at never- o’clock, I will wake up when I am hungry enough. Sigh.

I do have several pictures and little tidbits to share and will promise to try even though I hate things being out of order but I WILL work on getting over it…

Like the entire pint size carton of ice cream I ate last night… BY MY VERY OWN SELF.

I cannot believe we have been here since May 4th.  It is been so neat being able to spend this much time in such a neat and remote place.  It seems crazy that we just have about a month left!  But FALL is basically here… it is in the air and so so beautiful.  There is that undeniable crisp in the air and as many of you know – I’m a sucker for the changing of the leaves so don’t be too shocked if you get a post dedicated to the glorious aspen trees. I can’t get enough.

The boys seem to really love it here as well and have no complaints really… but a few comments/questions do come in from time to time that either crack me up or slightly alarm me… but I think it is usually both.  Here are some that I can recall from just the last week.

  • When can we go to Costco?
  • Can we go to Wendy’s and get chicken tons of nuggets?
  • Do bears wear red sweaters like Winnie the Pooh?
  • Do mice try and trap us like we try and trap them?
  • Let’s eat smores for every meal, all day! I LOVE Them.

That is all for now,  but I promise to update again really soon!  Gonna work on my pictures and trouble shoot that ordeal.  Deal?

Love,  Beka






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