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My boy, boys

The boys are having a really good time… So I thought It would be fun to share more about them today so you all know what they have been up to!  They have been busy pouring out energy and sleeping hard!

Most waking/daylight hours are spent outside and especially the last several days with the warmer sunny weather. It’s probably not literally summer here yet as it is still pretty chilly in the mornings and evenings, but it has been so beautiful and getting more and more green that being in front of a computer screen is very unappealing so even I’ve been out as much as possible. If the sun is shining, inside is neglected by all.  We’ve been even eating all our meals outside.

Not only has the weather been nice, but there has been a large amount of work to do around the grounds and cabins {the boys are absolutely no legit help most of the time, but they do definitely find things that they can “work” on and “help” in their own way} so we have been thankful for the good weather.  {I guess I can’t say they are no help because they make sure that I always have a job to do whether it is cleaning up after them, cleaning them up, feeding them and more.}

They “maintain” trails… by hauling piles of dirt around the different places and driving their trucks all over the fresh dirt to pack it down.

They are excellent at moving dirt from place to place and are thankful for the abundance of it.

Load it up Bo!

Load it up KJ!


The chickens love the boys because they stir up fresh earth for them to peck through and dust-bath.  When guests are around, we don’t free-range them, but they are sure excited when that gate opens so they can mingle around.

They paint and color themselves with dirt, charcoal, yogurt or whatever else they find… the sky is the limit!

Show me your hands, Bo!

Show me your hands KJ!


They get along with each other about 3.5 – 12 minutes each and every day, sometimes more but usually not less.  It’s a mini miracle I hope for everyday and cherish. They scream at each other, hit and sometimes bite, but when that 3.5 – 12 minute window hits, it is pure bliss and I wish I could time it right so I could have some hot coffee to drink or a pink sprinkle donut – both would be too much bliss probably. I guess 2 boys, 17 months apart with strong differing personalities and ideas who are also finding out what this world is about find much to clash about.  But those sweet moments are to live for!


To think of it, there have been less and less times I get asked, “Can I watch somethin’ mommy?” They are finding so many fun things to do outside that television is an afterthought most days. We are off the grid, but that does not mean zero power… it just means limited power and extra things like TV or cable etc. just don’t make sense (I don’t mind) but sometimes the boys miss their fun shows. We do have little portable DVD players we can use every once in a while but it’s nice they don’t ask about them too often, they are too busy being boys!

They are truly exploring and doing lots and lots of things that are their own ideas! They are inventing things like “the great worm race” where they find worms or bugs and put them in boats made of dandelions or wood chips and have races down the little stream.

Speaking of dandelions/flowers (weeds)…

They used to bring me flowers quite often, but lately it’s mostly worms. I’m not sure if that is an upgrade?

Here is one Kelvin is very proud of! I think this was the one he named Ferdinand… or fernando or something like that.  There were 3 worms in his bowl and he had 3 pretty interesting names for each of them.

But, Sweet Bo did bring me these yesterday so I guess we have not completely graduated from flowers. He is a sweetie to the core:

The list of things they love here is endless (kind of like the amount of laundry)… And most if it involves earth in some way – rocks, sticks, dirt, water and the combination of some or all. I am so “full” of dirt soup, I could burst.

Thumbs up for your soup Bo!


These boys are so excited to be out the door in the morning that they sometimes forget how hungry they are when they wake up.  It is a race to see who can get ready the quickest and be pushing their dump truck down the hill first.  Mom steps in and spoils their plan by telling them that they have to  EAT first.  “Ohhh mom!?? WHY!??.  But I know that if they get out that door before eating then this gal has to carry them back up the hill because they are too hungry to walk. They shut down like a car out of gas.  My muscles cannot burn out that early or quickly in the day so we have to take time to eat, eat, eat!  One day they will thank me for it.

Probably not, but that’s ok! Maybe my arms will.

Here they are sitting in an old work van taking a green smoothie break (Greg said I should clarify since it looks like they are drinking their famous dirt soup):image

Happy Saturday Everyone! Enjoy your day and find something to do today that you love!

Love, Beka (and the boys)





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