2016 · Adventure · Colorado · Stories, Blessings and Humor

The Mouse

Updating while on our adventure has been super slow these days but all is going pretty well for the most part except for this morning…


I woke up, got out of bed and immediately went to put on my amazing wool and purely perfect cozy slippers.

The not so amazing thing happened next.  A mouse had apparently had the same idea.

I’m not sure if it was better that it had crawled in there to die or if it was actually worse. I tried to get my foot in there and it felt odd so I thought maybe the boys had put something in there. Hopefully a toy, but then I came to the realization that I had taken them off after the boys had went to bed… My friends, it was a freshly dead, soft mouse. A legit, mouse mouse, big squishy mouse.

I somehow calmly walked outside to my husband who was thinking that I was bringing the hot coffee, but instead, gave my slipper over to him and said can you please help me with what died in my slipper last night?  I’m going to make some extra strong coffee.

Now, I have my amazing wool and purely perfect cozy slippers except now they’ve been violated by mouse death, and not the cleanest of death either.  So, I will be figuring out a way to clean them and then suppressing the gag reflex.

And would you guess that last week, I told my hubs that If I was a mouse, I would sleep in my slipper… hands down – best mouse house ever.  But it was more in a cute, cartoon where the mouse is clean and potty trained and only ate at his little table and bathed and stuff.

The End.




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