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The latest //parfait like confessions from up high

I am going to update you in the form of bullet points because I like them.  I don’t know how they translate to your land, but it helps separate my randomness into what would otherwise be like a “casserole” you find at a super old-fashioned church potluck.  You know the kind.  There are usually 2 or 3 of the same one… The shape of the dish varies, but picture a 9 x 13 glass dish set in some kind of decorative basket… there are so many things in there that you both can and cannot identify… and you are just hoping as you walk down the line there is something super basic you can put on your plate to avoid too much awkwardness and avoid the “are you on a diet” questions…like bread and butter because that is always safe.

I’m all about those build your own (identifiable) food bars… like salad bars, frozen yogurt bars, taco bars – the sky is the limit here…everything is separated into their own pretty bowls and have boundaries, they are colorful, healthier and neat and tidy (at least before I go through) AND you can decorate (yes decorate) your very own masterpiece – then EAT it… what could be better? But please don’t rush me through. It is my happy place.

{If I could just stay on track}

So, here are a few things from the last week from our bubble to yours! Pretend it is a pretty your own yogurt-parfait-bar, which is so fun!  You start with a big scoop of delicious creamy yogurt, then choose from all kind of berries, granola, coconut, nuts etc.  You may not like everything, but by the end you will have something you can at least think about, wonder about, laugh about or even just spit out (like if you get a sour blueberry) Maybe you don’t even like yogurt. I will pray for you.

The big scoop of yogurt:

  • We are running a guest ranch in SW Colorado folks… we are spending the next several months sleeping and working and playing at 10,000+ feet. We are officially off the grid, but have a pretty good internet connection so I can run the business from here – take reservations and answer questions and all that.  We can even catch up on some news (if we want) but definitely stay in touch with all of you!20160507_182952.jpg

The toppings (aka details or some of the fun, neat, cool parts lately that just make the parfait oh-so-yummy// random stuff that need bullet points):

  • We have seen this big fella (big fella meaning moose) a few times – I named him Ernie. Hopefully we see him again with his antlers grown back. He has not been back that I have noticed now that there is a bit more activity on the road/ at the neighbors.  Unless he was offended that his name is Ernie. I’ve been into giving things names lately. Thanks for being there with me still. IMG_0781
  • We are spending May in a cute cozy cabin that will be a guest rental starting in June when the main season starts.  It has been snowy off and on as well as rainy, windy, sunny and just overcast – you name it.  We have enjoyed staying warm by a wood stove when its dark and extra cool! A snowy chore evening below…20160508_190008.jpg
  • We are scheduled to move into a 5th wheel sometime soon but there is a lot of work that it needs before it is livable so we may be moving around a little bit between some open guest cabins. We will see how the project unfolds.  Last week half of it got a new roof and next is interior walls, insulation floors etc.  The boys call it the “Arby” because that is how “RV”  is translated to them. So we are between names for it – It is either going to be “Hank” or “Arby”… it is a toss-up.  Here is my guy working on getting the old tin leaking roof off.  Lots of hours so far working on getting the yucky damaged parts out. IMG_0866
  • I ate an oatmeal cookie for my second and third breakfast and also my first lunch yesterday, it is true… and to think of it I gave the boys a cookie for their 2nd breakfast too and they cannot seem to forget it. #momfail.
  • The boys got to ride with their daddy on a backhoe a couple of times. They were pretty much ecstatic.   Me and the dog even joined them to go park it… 2 adults, 2 toddlers and one Chaco dog equals one “fun” ride.  As you can see Chaco didn’t mind having a decent place to lay while we were working on “Arby/Hank”. And you may not be able to see it in this picture, but we were getting snow flurries at the time.  Pretty fancy patio furniture. 20160511_130844.jpg
  • There are 17 resident hens and 1 large rooster that reside here on the grounds.  They are really social and love people around.  They will be tucked in when guests are around but in the meantime, the boys like to go “check on them” and make sure they are having a good day.
  • Chaco has done really well with said chickens being “free range” on the 7 acres… they usually don’t travel that far during the day, but still – they are around a lot of places we would be… but then the other day he thought they looked pretty darn fun and chased one and got a mouthful of bootie feathers. Poof.  All is well with the chicken and all she lost was a poof of feathers…but Chaco had to stay inside the rest of the afternoon for not listening so he decided that was not as fun as he thought it would be – at least for now. Chickens and horses etc. are a new thing for him.  But as you can see in the picture below – he is getting a great deal of exercise and loves all the water. IMG_1177
  • Speaking of water, the boys go through 2 or 3 pairs of pants a day.  They love driving their trucks in all the puddles and stream flowing through the property. IMG_0933
  • We ran out of milk the other day.  We are all having milk withdrawals.  We will get to town in the next few days and stock up again.  We are also out of many other things that I would normally grab regularly at the store so it is a good lesson for the boys to learn that if you are hungry, sometimes we just have to eat what we have and be thankful!   It is about a 2.5 hour drive to get our main source of supplies…
  • Well, that is probably a good update for now, We just wanted to say “HAY” and let you know a little more about our adventure…we will catch up again soon! 20160507_182635.jpg



us up here!



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