Happy Mother’s Day // Tiny Updates

A small update on this snowy-mountain Sunday!

First things first – HAPPY MOHTER’S DAY to all the moms out there, but especially my very own beautiful mom of whom I love to the end of the universe and back!  I hate not being with her today, but am thankful to share the day with those who call me mommy!  20160508_211143

(a snowy and rough looking picture of my sweet littles and I today on the way back from a snowy walk this afternoon)

Second – we are safe and sound in Colorado, watching a beautiful spring snow shower accumulate and it is so beautiful! We are enjoying getting outside here and there to feed chickens, horses and even wild birds and squirrels.  Some of the weather has been a tad harsh for the boys to play fully out in yet, but they have definitely been out enough to wear themselves out and sleep well.  They have splashed numerous puddles, thrown rocks, collected sticks and more…

Third –   We are slowly working on getting settled in to our mountain “home” 1 of 2 for the next span of time and I am excited to update you all on that really soon, but that will have to wait a little longer because today was a big day even though we didn’t do much.  We have been busy trying to get settled in and I soaked up some extra snuggles with my boys tonight before bed.

Fourth – my oldest had a little accident today which was sad for all BUT  what better day than Mother’s day to wash off blood, wipe off tears and snuggle extra!?  He fell while running and his face landed right on top of a rock that left the inside of his mouth pretty raw and one tooth right through his lip.  Not a fun afternoon, but I’m thankful he seems to be ok and was up for the snuggles and extra time sitting on my lap.

Fifth – we get to take care of 17 hens and 1 rooster on our adventure.  I don’t know how many times I recounted to make sure I had them all tucked in after a full day of free-rangeing in on this spring (but winter seeming) day.  I went back out with my flashlight tonight to count them again. Phew – there were 18 roosted for the night wondering what in the world I was doing!  But we had fun getting eggs this morning before the snow hit!


Sixth – (because I like even numbers)…. I made apple crisp today for Mother’s Day because up here, if you don’t make it – you don’t get it!  Town is an hour away and really, if you want something a little more out of the ordinary than than an overpriced gallon of milk, or a super light green head of lettuce or…. a legit cup of coffee you need to drive 3 hours- and well… You get the point.  So, we celebrated with warm apple crisp while watching the big fluffy snow fall.  I should post the recipe! It is one of our favorite desserts up here – appetites stay hoping’ at 10,000 feet!

Goodnight all!




2 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day // Tiny Updates

  1. Happy Mother’s Day Beka! 🌷What a sweet post, I love the way you document the every day moments! I hope Kelvin is feeling better (poor lil’ guy). And, I hope Springtime arrives for you sooner than later…..burrr!! Enjoy that Apple Crisp. 😉

    1. Thanks so much Cindy! Happy mothers day to you too! 🌹. I hope all is well with you all! 🙂 anxious to see you when we wrap up here!

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