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Moving (kinda) + Our Launch + The Open Road

Well folks,  we have spent the last several months downsizing,  paring down,  decluttering,  organizing,  donating,  having sales or whatever else that would apply to the realm of getting rid of stuff, all in preparation for the now.   One day I may just have to tell ya about that process, but for now I will spare you! Remind me though – I learned quite a bit! It was a big undertaking for someone like me that seems to take forever doing such a task. It’s probably been a year actually,  but who’s counting… It’s all lead up to the now – the current – the real deal stuff happening now!

To catch you up to speed… And since I am once again behind on posting as things happen, here is a jumbled yet short-ish update of the last few days.

The what:  This family has launched – as of this morning we are on traveling day 3 of our adventure.  We have us 4 humans, 2 of which are legit toddlers and one of which is the equivalent of a toddler when they/I miss out on some sort of coffee consumption in the am hours… We also have our dog Chaco, some dark chocolate and almost all our belongings. We are spending roughly 6 months deep in the mountains of Colorado and I am excited to share with you our Journey along the way.

The why:  We not only have a job awaiting us, but my husbands boss is awesome and gave him the season off… but also we have had it on our minds for a while to downsize, simplify, de-stress and free ourselves up a bit. We have been wanting to break the spendy rental cycle and better our own picture for our family… all while spending quality time together in some beautiful country. While the boys are young (and us too) we want to do something that is not the norm for most families…take the time while we have it. Honestly, the typical “American Dream” has always been a little unsettling to me. That’s a topic for another day! Everyone says time goes so fast and this is us taking that advice. Not that we can slow down time, but we can choose how we spend it! We have been given such an incredible opportunity – WHY NOT?

The how:  One mile and one step at a time. We will see just how it unfolds as time goes on… this is mostly new. We usually head out for a little vacation here and there as we can, but this is different! We moved out of the 3 bedroom house that we rented for 3 years and have no real roots anywhere except with family and friends. We have rid ourselves of most of our extra stuff whether it be donating, selling, recycling or whatever!  It feels good . I can’t think of any item right now that I regret letting go.


As I sit here riding along in the car (In the midst of driving day 3 as I said and currently somewhere in the middle of Utah) I am reflecting back on the last week or so.  Talk about feeling unorganized and chaotic…Despite my upmost attempt to be oh-so-organized and have all my ducks in a row, it was still kind of a blur. I’m pretty sure I have proven to be the most organized-unorganized person ever… or is it that I am an unorganized-organized person? Either way. I tried to make everything organized but it still felt kind of like my ducks were just scattered and pretty much stomped around with crossed arms and ruffled feathers. Maybe that was me. I did not really think of the effect it would have on me, but it turns out that packing up everything that I own, planning a 6 month adventure and making sure everyone is fed, safe and sound and making several difficult (but good) decisions all while moving out of a good sized house sometimes just left me feeling very inadequate and tired {not to mention being slightly up on the weight scale}. I can’t help but smile at my surroundings now though and laugh at myself as I look back. We are all close together, breathing the same air and munching on graham crackers. There is nothing crummy about that, right? All is well and I am happy.

Although it will be great to be safely off the road and settled – it is so nice to be done with the “moving out” and the trip prep. It is go time now! I forgot stuff and left stuff undone, but it will all be OK. My ducks are pretty stubborn and it is what it is. At least they are along.  I can learn from it and move on.  When it all boils down, we made it out of our house and managed to get on the road! We even have some laughs and fun in the middle of it. We could not have done it without being able to spend a few nights with my parents and my mom taking great care of our boys during all our hustle of getting out of and cleaning the house. Hey, I think I only cried once during the move-out process and right now I can’t even remember why. #winwin

I already miss “home” but just the people and predictability, not the actual house or chores or endless to-do lists that would await me there. What I loved about the house was my family in it. When I walked through after we were out it was just empty. I’m staying busy enough handing back snacks to the dependants and making silly sounds to pass the time in the car. I’m thinking i may post some road trip survival tips for families when we get settled.

Oh, before I forget… an important thing to note for you that would read about our adventures is that our suburban is named Clifford and our cargo trailer is named Bessie. They are a good pair. I’m sure I will be referencing those names along the way! They are trucking along beautifully!

Before I go, here are a few highlights from the first couple days on the road.

Day 1 on the road

Our first day on the road (Monday) was pretty simple, easy going and smooth.  We went from Bend, OR to Jerome, ID.

I removed our center console ( effort we left) for a little more space in the front and to give our sweet Chaco a place to be closer in a somewhat safer way.  It is safe to say that he liked it.  He gets nervous when he is all the way in the back with stuff surrounding him. He only wants to be surrounded with us. That was a fun project for my husband to come home to me (thankfully) competing. I always love the… “wow, what have you been up to today”, as I am covered In dirt or grease or flour or who knows what!


We had only one unplanned pull over for a poopy diaper change and another 2 unplanned pull-offs to “water” a tree.  Not bad for 2 toddlers in tow.  We made a quick stop in the Boise area to visit my superb aunt who had numerous home-baked goodies for us and a hot pizza!  Delicious!  We enjoyed the start of a beautiful sunset at the park before trekking a tad farther down the road.


Day 2 on the road

It seemed to all kind of hit the fan today… In a very minor way, though. Nothing major.  But when it has to do with a coffee accident it is kind of, well , fan hitting-ish.

Over tired kids + slightly over-unpatient mommy with overtired kids + coffee dump on the lap of that same mommy (it was a clover, people) + Salt Lake City rush hour without coffee + realizing I have no actual physical address of my own and we can’t really just turn around very easily.

But… Last time we made this drive Day 2 consisted of me sitting on a large red crayon for 4 hours in white khaki shorts. And to think if it, I have not ever really had a physical address of my own since becoming an adult… Just keys to various dorm rooms, apartments and houses. Also, the kids have actually done remarkably well on our trip with little sleep, being out of their element and missing what they knew as “home”. We have also had a perfectly smooth trip with no issues, the coffee smell was nice even if it was in the form of a large stain, not to mention that we are headed to a special place for us to call home so it is best to keep on going with thankfulness and joy! And hey, no red crayon under my bum (that I know of).

Day 3 is currently under way still and all is well. Boys are settled In on the road and enjoying coloring and singing the “ABC song”. I still has end morning coffee in my cup.

I’m off for now! We are just pulling into Moab and I like it here! And hey, no red crayon this time! It was here last time I discovered that very incident and a red bum. We are going to find some food and a place to stretch legs!

And as a side note, lilacs are in bloom. My favorite.



2 thoughts on “Moving (kinda) + Our Launch + The Open Road

  1. Love all of this! Congrats guys! Way to make a beautiful choice for a “different” American dream for your family! I love this so much!! Safe travels!!

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