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The big 4

My first {huge} itty bitty baby boy turned 4 on Sunday.  Can someone pinch me?  On second thought, don’t really because I’m kind of fragile lately.


I am fully aware it took a year, but the jump from 3 to 4 felt more like 3 weeks.  It seems like he went from toddler to legit BOY so quickly. He is no doubt a smarty-pants and is so proud to know and share little tidbits of info and facts frequently.  He loves his 3-year old preschool and is soaking it up like a sponge even though it totals just 4 hours a week.  He wishes his little brother Bo would listen to his knowledge more, but it’s usually is rejected like a brick-shot… maybe one day. I tell him it is his approach, but he still thinks Bo really needs to know this stuff and should treat it like a fresh warm blueberry muffin. IMG_0224

In the meantime,  his silly personality, random facts, and numerous questions keep me quite entertained. Here are some from the last couple days…

“Mommy, did you know that owl’s are nocturnal in the dark!?”

“Whales grow new teeth when their teeth get lost in the deep ocean. They can’t go to dentists”

Chaco can’t talk because he is a dog mom, you should not ask him stuff”

“I’m bigger than Bo and not daddy but maybe tomorrow I will be taller than daddy”

“Cupcakes have protein, that is the protein that I pick for my birthday dinner later.”

“Can I have my birthday dinner for breakfast time too”?

“Mommy, when you are a boy like me one day, we can drive dump trucks to the bakery”


Tomorrow I will share the recipe for his Birthday Cake, so stay tuned!  He loved it – at least at the time.  It screamed BOY with not being a sugar kick in the head.  Today he had one last slice after lunch and was still a fan, so that is nice.  But, I think he finally figured out that there was a vegetable in his birthday cake.  Call me crazy. I am that mom.  I am still a stickler for healthy – or at least “mostly healthy” or if nothing else…knowing there are healthy things present and inserted in the mouth at all costs! Whatever helps me sleep at night… right?


I’m sure proud of this bubbly, spunky little man and we had a blast celebrating his 4th birthday. Happy Birthday to you Kelvin! Here is to many many more fun years ahead!

Stay tuned for his “healthy” version of birthday cake and hopefully a few other updates I need to sit down and hurl at ya!


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