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Peace out 2015

What just happened?  about sums up what is going on in my head with 2015 coming to a rapid close. It seems like I just welcomed you to make a splash in 2015. Then it seems like that was 10 years ago.  I’m not sure if I made a splash this year, but the boys sure did!


Also, very much the realization just hit me that my dog is soon to be awake the entire night terrified because of the fireworks. By terrified, I mean he is beside himself… trembling, shaking, panting, hiding, inconsolable.  I’m not against celebrating really, but I am a little bitter every time people blow off fireworks because of sleeping littles and a dog that trembles ALL NIGHT LONG. I first  think, oh I love how excited they are… then in the moment I think I really don’t like them one bit for disturbing everyone else.  What happened to just banging a few pans at midnight  then calling it a night?

moving on.

2015 went fast and slow.

2015 was great and tragic.

2015 was salty and sweet.

I know salty and sweet can be great, especially in the Sea Salt Dark Chocolate I just ate (with almonds). So, I will just say that overall, 2015 was both good and bad.  I should probably sometime try and shorten my “wordy” style of writing and just cut to the chase, but then I would probably not have anything to type.  I typically type what is in my head… So thanks for bearing with me.  Sorry, not sorry.

I know a year can go a million ways… or the way it goes can depend on a million things.  So if my calculations are correct – that is a million ways x  a million things.  That = so so many!  Heaven, help me. I’ve never been a math whiz.

For lack of better way to sum up 2015 here is a random assortment of thoughts in a random list with no particular order.

  • I didn’t eat enough vegetables.
  • I did a couple push-ups, once.
  • I read 0 books.
  • I hit 30 and survived… despite childhood fears of being “old”.
  • I was outside a lot. I love outside.


  • I got a tattoo (yes, will share someday I’m sure) – it’s small but not very discrete and I love it. Will I get another one?  I have no idea, but not today, or tomorrow.
  • I wore the same pair of earrings the entire year without taking them out.
  • I spent an entire month on an amazing mountain in Colorado with my little boys and we had a great time (more on that later too). We then took an extremely fast/short trip to visit my husbands family. So we traveled a lot in one chunk and I was so thankful to be back in a routine but thankful for the journey.



  • I feel like I embraced “skinny jeans” a bit more, but also really seemed to embrace dark chocolate as well.  That is not a good match.
  • I fell in love with pearl snap shirts. Goodbye to any shirt that requires time to push the button through the hole. What is that? A humane-society thrift store donation is what that is folks.
  • I lost my young cousin in a very tragic way.  Our family experienced great loss of which is still being felt hard.  We miss you terribly, Caleb and still love you.
  • This is only my 17th post this year, which to be honest is totally lame, but in order to not be too bummed about it, I can just see it as something I can improve upon next year… Watch out 2016… you are going to be the year to blog about I believe.   Sometimes, and by sometimes I mean most of the time,  it is hard to stop life, be still and write about it for several reasons.  First, life does not stop. Second, I don’t have much time to sit and write about what is (not really) going on.  Third, I didn’t have a whole lot to say many days (believe it or not).  Nobody wants to read blogs about overflowing sinks, laundry piles and messy floors.   Fourth, I can’t compete because I feel like I am living a pinterest-fail. Thanks for being here anyway!
  • My husband was blessed with a new job that he is really enjoying!
  • Bo had his one-year surgery anniversary and we got great news . We are so over-joyed!
  • I acquired enough dental debt to buy a very nice used vehicle that would be much better than either of the 2 that we drive (and they are half decient), but hey – I can eat without crying so thats worth something.
  • I went the whole year drinking black coffee. Of course the occasional latte, but coffee, coffee I drank plain, in it’s as-is-greatness and the bolder the better.
  • I also acquired an intense love for the color turquoise and finally bought 2 place settings on sale to go with my already loved fiesta ware dishes.  Where has turquoise been all my life?
  • This line will stay more personal, but it is my reminder one day when I look back that family issues are a big bummer but unfortunately do exist. I can choose my path, my attitude toward life and not let those issues determine my destiny or steal my joy.
  • I decided to pair down our entire household (more on that another post with my progress) and I am about half done.   I have sold, donated and gave away more than I realized I even had and there is still more!   It feels amazing and one day I will share with you my why and how and the in-betweens. It’s gonna be great – hopefully.
  • We had our 5-year wedding anniversary and all is terrific!
  • I officially have a 3 year old and a 2 year old… no babies! That is so sad and so nice. They are growing so fast!

IMG_20151018_150628 IMG_20151026_071316

I am hopeful for a great year to come. I am excited to see what it brings too!  I’ve thought about some things and feel like 2016 is going to be a year of, confidence increase, slippers, coffee (black), less to-do lists,  listening to myself,  and no resolutions (yep, no resolutions)!  

May 2016 be about taking time to enjoy the things that make you happy and kicking the things you don’t to the curb.


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