Snowy honey-glazed Mountains, Fresh Bread, Soup and wishing she was 85 today

Today would have been my grandma’s 85th birthday… and as far as I am concerned – should have been her 85th.

I miss her!  She has been gone for over 5 years now.  Last I wrote about her was here.


She would have loved it.

Today, I went to the grocery store with my precious Littles.  My arms were so dog-tired and on fire by the time we finally found a “car cart” for my boys to ride in (at the third and last entrance I tried), but I didn’t really care.  I try not complain about having to carry my kids because I’m blessed to have them and I would not have it any other way.   Plus, I was just in the get-er-done mode, it is super icy and cold out and I still had not gotten my coffee yet. Business-mode mom in my worn out ‘hole-y’ jeans, warm flannel and 10 year old shoes.  I made the list, loaded them in the car and set out to get exactly what was on my list.  There is no room in the cart for an extra large toddler to ride if you intend to get any groceries while a medium toddler rides in the “kid chair” when you have a regular cart.  So, as much as they are annoying to push – the “car-carts” win in my book because they secure at least 2 Littles and give them a chance to drive around recklessly, pretending to bash into everything in sight.  Except since the last post on the carts, I have one more boy to add into the mix.

Back on track -,then we immediately took 9 laps around the Christmas section so the boys could look at all the lights and Christmas Trees.  I felt a little dizzy after the loops because I am terrible when it comes to motion. I kept thinking that I was thankful the ‘cleaning aisle’ and ‘Christmas section’ don’t share property lines in the store.  That aisle should always be avoided, right. It is too strong smelling and causes a headache – literally.  I can’t be the only one.  I can’t even buy a lightbulb there without feeling sick.  (Call me a weird, but then call me something else nicer, and rather quickly after so I don’t get too sad about being totally weird.) Can I say one more thing while I am on my grocery store rant? The ‘baby supply’ aisle backs up to the ‘cleaning aisle’ at this particular store.  Literally, they share property lines. Are there property lines in a grocery store?  It makes no sense to me either.  Let’s be honest here.  Who came up with the idea “Lets put bleach and everything else related to bleach and anything hazardous and plain toxic on the same shelves as where the baby food is, where diapers are, where baby everything is”…  Said someone, sometime…because folks, it happened.  Enough said.  Thanks for listening.

Slap them.

She would have loved it.

Well, She probably would not love ‘chemical aisle met baby aisle’,  because that is just sick, but my little rant about it she would probably enjoy.  Not sure about the slap either.  Sometimes I can be a little dramatic with a few spastic facial expressions mixed in… then I quickly get off track and derail and usually end my thought with something like “slap them”.  She always giggled about it.  I think we were kind of like 2 peas in a pod.

She definitely  would have loved the christmas lights and seeing my two boys “drive” us all over the grocery store.  They would have warmed her to the core to spend time with them.

Today, the mountains were more than I could handle.  So beautiful.  She absolutely adored the mountains.  I got a pretty good look before the watery-blurry filter set in. They were covered with the most beautiful snow and the sun was shining on them like they were the main event and really – they were. Gosh,  It was more than just the sun hitting them, but it was as though they were brushed with a pure honey glaze before the sun came up this morning and roasted them to a perfect golden-ish whatever. They had a nice golden, warm honey-hue amidst the white snow caps. Oh my gosh.  If you saw them when I did, you totally know what I am trying to explain.  And if not – sorry, just go with it.

She would have loved it.

I can remember so many times riding in my grandma’s car – first it was in the old Caprice that glided along like a boat on the water then her “new” blue Plymouth van with a manual transmission.  She would have that beast in 5th gear before we were going 30mph. She loved to get it up to “gear”, then to speed when everything caught up accordingly.   When any glimpse of the mountains would appear, she would exclaim “Mmmmmmmm, those mountains, Ooooooo – wheeeee” and shake her head as though she was not worthy to see them.

She would have loved them today for her birthday too and would have without a doubt thanked God over and over for the wonderful birthday present.

Oh goodness, I can see us now.  Out on the town. getting a milk-shake at Pilot Butte Drive-In, then driving to the top of Pilot Butte to enjoy the shakes with a view.  I’m sure it is long closed for the winter but it is still a fun memory.

I’ve been thinking a ton about her today on her birthday and really, just lately.  So thought I would write some about it…  I mean – I wish she was here to celebrate her 85th birthday, because I assure you we would be having a party!

She loved having parties. For any reason. We would come up with parties of any kind and it didn’t matter why or for what or what we did. I can still hear her say, “It’s a party!” We would plan mini parties regularly… because it snowed, because Great Harvest had warm bread to sample, because it was Monday or just because she was off work – let alone birthday or holidays!

Today, we should be having a birthday party.

Today, we both would have had hot soup I bet… with her fresh bread.  Since we cannot do it together, by-golly, I am still going to do it.  She loved soup and comfort food and being cozy in front of a fire on a cold day like today.  She always kept her house SO warm and I loved that.  Everyone else would probably walk in and drop to the ground thinking it was on fire, but I loved it.  She would be snuggled in her recliner chair with a quilt she made after a long day of work.  Her TV was always on… she would be watching some old western re-run or catching up on the latest Dukes of Hazard episode or be in the middle of an ‘I love Lucy marathon’.  You could count on that!  Once in a while you would catch her munching on some ‘Good-n-plenty’ candies, black licorice, or even picking through her container of ‘jelly belly’beans – of which she would find every last of the black licorice ones, followed by the cinnamon ones.  After that, it was likely they just went into the candy jar by the front door.  Fair game for all after that!


I am making a huge pot of Minestrone this very minute. I’ve got fresh clover-rolls rising (that I made in her bread bowl of course) and even some shortbread cookies ready to roll out and cut with a cute little fluted edged circles… because I am feeling fancy and thankful for my grandma, even though she is not here with me today.

She would love it and gosh, I miss her!





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