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Portland // Bo update and great news

Yesterday was big.

Yesterday was Portland day.

Yesterday,  our Bo was given great news of that he does not yet in the slightest understand,  but one day he will.  One day I will be able to give him each and every detail… But for now he has been able to experience our love and support and hugs as we celebrate that he has been excused from any more “routine”  scans or follow up appointments with his (amazing) surgeon.  I can’t believe it’s been 15 months since his surgery. It’s seems unreal.


Yesterday,  I was so fortunate to have sat in the same room as the man who performed surgery on my son… Even if it was just for an 8 minute routine appointment.  It was an honor. I know we are basically strangers to this man… I’m not sure what he feels but he is no stranger to me,  he is a hero. We may be just another family,  a statistic,  another success story, but I could tell that it’s more than just that to him.  Bo was and is special to him and so is every child he sees. I don’t really know anything about him and I don’t really need to but the fact that he devotes his life to helping children and families is amazing.  He will never know how truly thankful we are and I have no idea how I would even thank him… And really,  there is nothing I have to offer him but pure,  true and abundant thankfulness.


I was so overjoyed in the appointment that all I did was sit there and fight back tears.  It was all I could do to just sit there and hold my child and listen to the man.  I had a list of questions in my head I’d been saving for a year since we saw him last but I could not think of any.  I was speechless.


We didn’t do anything extra in Portland,  which is kind if silly in a way when you make the trip to a larger town,  but it’s usually tiring for everyone and not being too much if a city girl,  I get over ready to vacate the heavily populated areas. But how neat this was while we waited for Bo’s appt with his surgeon. There was a lady volunteering her day to spend with kids waiting for their appointments.  Sometimes with the specialty physicians and surgeons,  they get behind depending on the case they are dealing with at hand, so it’s so nice to have nice activities for the kids to do while they wait.  My boys had a fun time playing with clay and coloring.



Yesterday is forever.

Thanks to all those who have been  thinking of,  praying for and loving my little Bo.  We are really proud of him and are so very thankful.  Beyond words.


2 thoughts on “Portland // Bo update and great news

  1. WOW… What GREAT news indeed!!! Tearing up as I read this with such joy and happiness for little Bo, and for you both as his parents! Praise God …Rejoicing with you!!

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