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Bo turns 2! // Giraffe picture

 On saturday, this totally adorable, handsom little man full of determination, fight and spunk turned TWO!bo 2 park

I can’t believe my baby is already 2… what on earth?

He is putting more and more words together – tries to say about any word under the sun whether he can or not and loves to learn and explore.

Here is Bo at his first breakfast of the day – he usually eats 2.  He is so proud to be the birthday boy today.  This is his face I was able to capture during me singing him happy birthday.

breakfast bo birthday

Guess what was next?

Bakery! yes!

bo bakery birthday 2 yr

The bakery for Bo’s favorite treat out… The oh-so-yummy Earth Scone at Great Harvest. he loves them.  I don’t blame him.

Later, we had a “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” party with our family!

bo pie

Since Bo does not have much of a sweet tooth and is not a big fan of cake I made him his very own banana cream pie from scratch.  He seemed thrilled… he ate a little bit and smiled a ton and then ate a little more. He loved the birthday song and grinned the whole time (again)!  Then he was off to play with some new toys.


Oh, and how can I forget his “giraffe picture”…. (If you are just tuning in, I took a picture every month of my boys when they were babies with the same animal)

but first, because I cannot help it – here is newborn-Bo with his giraffe…

bo newborn border

And… why not, 1-year-old Bo with his giraffe…

bo 12 mo

and 2-year-old bo…. drumroll………

2015-09-26 16.25.56-1

He has really grown in the last year – like a TON. Check out his feet even!

Happy Birthday Bo! You are loved more than you will ever realize. I can’t stop you from growing up and getting bigger, but I sure wish I could slow it all down.



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