2015 · Fall

September Love

September…  What’s not to love?


The smell of fresh-baked pumpkin scones coming from the oven,  bright sun beaming through the patio door,  the crisp blue skies and that sun… that sun, that sun and the gorgeous sunsets!

Did I mention that sun? It totally captivates me. If I sit down on the back deck, it’s inevitable… I become a blob – worthless blob just sitting there and if I have to get up it’s just rather annoying to be honest!

September has always been one of my favorite months but this year it seems so much more wonderful,  so warm,  crisp and just beautiful.  I don’t know why exactly but I’ve tried lately to simplify, slow down,  take on less and give more.  As a family we are looking to take a step back, and kind of make a shift which sounds kind of weird but I will attempt an explanation if you bear with me.  Isn’t a step back typically a loss? Not always. Sometimes when you take that step back is when you get to take in the view that you would have missed if you kept going. That step back can be a chance to reevaluate and consider what you are really doing… do I like this? Is it worth it? Am I enjoying my one shot at life? That step back can really help to stall things for a second and give you that breath you need… it’s a way of checking in if you will. I didn’t intend this to be a “self-help” post but it’s stuff that’s been going on in my upstairs and has helped me a lot lately.  Everyone always says how fast life goes, and I know I can’t slow down time, but I can work to control how our time is spent and the pace as to which we live. {How about I save more on this and what we have been doing/thinking and planning in a future post – you just don’t gots the time for that!}

Earlier today I was driving down the road with my two Littles safely tucked in their car seats while listening to some tunes with the fresh September breeze gently blowing around the car (and frankly sending my hair in every which way, but actually it probably helped the hair day I was having, it for sure didn’t hurt anything) and I glanced in my rear view mirror in time to see both boys freely dancing to the music. They had their arms going all over and their little heads were just a boppin’. Little kids are amazing teachers about life.  They don’t care who is watching, they don’t care what you think – they are just the perfect version of themselves.

Now, as I sit here on the deck watching my boys play (back to the blob I mentioned earlier) I can’t help but be thankful, the sun is still shining, the air is just right, and the leaves – – oh the leaves – –  are changing beautifully.  My three-year old has asked a few times if he can watch one of his shows on T.V. and he just does not understand that soon we will be freezing off our tails out here and we’ve just gotta enjoy this weather while we can, but soon enough he will.  Then back he goes to making dirt soup. Mmmm, I’m starving.

Oh, september – can’t you last longer?

I know it can’t, it never actually does, but we can take more time out of the hustle and bustle to stop and enjoy it. We can take a longer look at that view, those changing leaves, spend time with those we love and care for and less time with those who don’t let you be YOU.

So, here is to more fire-pit evenings with the family, one more cup of coffee more baking with pumpkin, but no pumpkin spice lattes (I don’t get it… am I missing something?) and trying not to make people mad as I drive down the road a tad slower while looking at pretty trees or getting the wind-blown hair out of my singing mouth… Either way get off my back!

Oh, and how can I leave out much more spontaneous car AND backyard dancing!

In other news, still related to September, my youngest is turning two this weekend and my oldest is starting 3 year old preschool (nice slow breaths)! AND I have so much to update on here, so bare with me if I throw up some posts on you over the next few days, or months – I don’t really know because I don’t even know what I am doing 5 minutes from now…  Oh wait – I do – that sun!


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