It’s been a year // Bo Update

I absolutely cannot tell you how {no words} it is to be sitting here today with my precious “Bo Man”, as we call him.


{You can read all previous Bo updates here}

Just one very short year later and I feel beyond blessed to be by his side every day!  Not a day has gone by that I have not thought about the surgery, the procedure he went through, holding him all night long trying to keep him comfortable (hopefully) as he was covered in wires, tubes, IVs and pumped full of medication. I am thankful that his surgeon allowed me to hold him, telling me that it was ok to hold him and just to keep him flat.  As soon as Bo would see me while lying in his bed he would struggle to get to me and get tangled or have pain and his heart rate would increase. His surgeon told me I could hold him and I remember him scolding a nurse for not reading the notes that he wrote… “I want his mom to hold him!! Read my notes and don’t come to me with questions that can be answered in my notes!”  I remember wondering if he was in pain, if he needed anything else, if all was ok “in there”… being obsessed with the “what to watch for” and keeping the important numbers with me.  I remember waking up every couple hours for weeks and sneaking into his room to check on him.  I found comfort in just listening to him breathe.


I have found even moreso that it is so very easy to worry… as you can see – the mind can become filled with everything that could go wrong, could have gone wrong and could still go wrong.  But I have learned that I have to turn that around into joy and thankfulness… even in what I choose to remember. I am SO thankful, truly, that he was not only diagnosed, but “fixed”… that the surgeon was able to get “in there” safely and successfully and drain the cyst and create drainage holes for it to continue to drain itself. I also can’t help but look to how full of life, energy and vigor this boy of mine is.  He is a fighter, full of determination and gusto!  Although I can’t see inside his head to see what is going on, I can’t help but notice how amazing he is doing.  Bo is great at distracting us from the possible everyday struggles or stressors in life.  He can’t help but be Bo and somehow it is just what I need.


More detail on how Bo is doing…. Well besides what I mentioned above, he seems to be growing faster since his surgery.  I of course have no idea if it is a coincidence or not, but whatever – he is growing!  He is happy, healthy and just a fun little kid.  He is loud, a big eater and is only one month away from being the big 2 (really!?)  I can’t believe it… kids grow too fast!  We have had a few extra check-ups with his pediatrician to do head-measurements and monitor him a bit which led to some worry (yes, more!) when his head grew a little bit after the surgery because it was predicted NOT to grow for a WHILE after the surgery to allow his body to catch up to his (small adult size) head.  But after more frequent measuring etc. we got cleared to wait for his flash MRI in Portland – scheduled for November.  We will also see his surgeon too of which I am glad.


I have so much updating to do on my blog in other news too but we have been having a GREAT month-long adventure in my favorite place on Earth and sitting down on the computer every day has not been on my list of to-do!  Until I can update more here you can visit me on instagram and find our adventure by searching #thewhitsvagabondadventure (sorry, for the length, but you can go with it, right?)


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