2015 · Adventure · our story

It’s been 5 years // He gets me

Today marks the day… 5 quick years ago that we got hitched.  Phew!

On my hand, time has flown… on his hand, it “seems about right”… (what does that even mean?) He assures me that is just because yeah – it’s been 5 years, it feels like 5 years… we have had 2 kids, moved 4 times, drove across the country twice together (and add two additional times for him), not to mention many other things good and not so good.  So I guess when you stack up everything it makes sense… I think. Alot of stuff happens in 5 years… AND IT FLIES!

Regardess, I am so happy that I said yes to this stud of a man.

He makes me better and when it all boils down, he get’s me. He understands me, listens to me and helps me be myself and be proud of it.



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