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Kelvin turns 3!


What a fun day we had… really couple of days of celebrating this sweet little man’s 3rd birthday! I cannot belive it. I know I say that all the time, but really – where does the time go? I can’t bottle it up, but I can try to enjoy it as it blows by!

To keep this not quite as confusing his actual birthday was yesterday, but we celebrated over 2 days!

So, yesterday…

We celebrated this little man by going to his favorite bakery spot with his Grammy …Kelvin 3 Birthday grammy bakery

and getting a few surprises to enjoy throughout the day.

Kelvin 3 Birthday coloring

I got to have a picnic in the play-house with the birthday boy while his little brother took a nap…

Kelvin 3 Birthday playhouse picnic

then when daddy got off work we took a walk to the mailbox to check for birthday mail…Kelvin 3 Birthday (246)Then he got part of his birthday present of which him and Bo seemed most  intrigued by the box…Kelvin 3 table box

and all the styrofoam packing which was a disaster, but at least an activity while it was assembled by daddy.Kelvin 3 Birthday (231)

“assembly required”, as we all know typically means TONS of assembly required and some form of tool/s are necessary!

Kelvin 3 Birthday table assembly

but as you can see, it is taking shape and will be an activity table! Tomorrow he will see what we got him to go on it because it is bed time for the littles and we are going to go to work getting the rest of the present and decor ready for tomorrow’s… really today’s party.

fast forward to TODAY –

This little guy woke up to a full train set on his table which was so fun to watch – little kids are the best! They are so full of wonder! This little man sure was excited and thrilled to see an entire train set all set up and ready to play with!

Kelvin 3 Birthday train

Lucky us, we made one more trip to the bakery since daddy was off work today!

Kelvin 3 Birthday bakery trip

Then we had a lot more fun with trains, and played outside with dirt and diggers and balloons and water…you name it!

Kelvin 3 Birthday (186)

Kelvin 3 Birthday (20)

Then it was party time with our family here in town. We had a fun party full of balloons, trains and cupcakes (and a strawberry, lemon tart I’ve been wanting to make)

Kelvin 3 Birthday (88) growth board

He was not too thrilled to take any pictures because that would involve slowing down and holding still, but we did what we could.  🙂 One day he will be happy we have pictures… maybe one day!

Kelvin 3 Birthday (122)

“Happy Birthday to you!!”

Coming in a post soon will be the recipe I used to make the cupcakes. When it is up, I will edit this post to include the direct link. Sound good?  They were a total experiment and they definitely turned out pretty good I thought!  They are not to be compared to a gooey sugar filled chocolate cake however with pure sugar frosting and made with artificial ingredients, but for a 3-year-old that loves chocolate combined with a mom that tries to limit overall sugar and processed foods , they passed with flying colors.   He could not stop smiling!

We just love this little-big man to pieces and are so looking forward to watching him continue to grow and learn and become more and more himself!

Happy Birthday Sweet Man!!


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