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Simple Roasted Pecans // for my Valentine

First, Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours! ♥

My husband loves pecans!  But roasted pecans are out of this world delicious!

What better than this to feed him for a yummy snack on a day like today!?

Here is the step by step for you… they are so so easy it is almost ridiculous!  Not quite as easy as opening a bag of already roasted pecans… but these taste so much better and you can control your ingredients.


First, you need about 3 cups of raw whole pecans in a bowl.

raw pecans

You will also need 2 T unsalted butter.

unsalted butter

Melt it (super easy to pop it in the microwave for about 30 seconds (or more or less, don’t overheat it! You want it just barely melted)

unsalted melted butter

Pour the melted butter onto the pecans in the bowl.

pouring butter into pecans

add a dash or so of salt (about 1/4tsp) { please don’t let my in-process-of-healing-blood-blister freak you out. It is due to loading about 8 pallets into my car the other week. It is not something that is going to fall into the bowl, thanks)

salt in hand

Stir until all the pecans are lightly coated with the melted butter.  If the pecans seem too wet, add more pecans. You want each pecan to just glisten a bit, but look too coated or wet.

lightly buttered pecans

Dump them out onto a baking sheet like so. It is ok for them to touch and be stacked a bit, just not too much.

pour onto baking sheet

Roast at 350º for 5-8 minutes.  Check them at 5 minutes, and shake your pan a tad to stir the pecans.  You really need to watch these really close. Don’t get preoccupied with something else and not set your timer. They are really easy to over cook… burnt pecans are ruined pecans. Ruined pecans are grounds for heartbreak!  You don’t got time for that!

You will also smell a lovely nutty aroma in the minute they are done! When in doubt, remove them from the over… eat a few and decide if you think they are done.

finished roasted pecans

Everyone in your house will come running for these, so quickly shape them into a heart and wish everyone a HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!

heart shaped pecans

These are a favorite of my husband and two little boys!






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