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Bandaids… Now for the win!

I interrupt my normal sporadic blogging on my sweet boys and life to share with you a little trick… And possibly something that will change the rest of your life heaven forbid you or your dependants ever need to wear a bandaid… And there is a high chance they may be necessary when you have kids, or really just exist.  Let’s face it,  papercuts happen… We just need those sticky expensive stickers to survive!

What is the worst part of wearing a bandaid? {besides the labor over deciding on what color or character to wear of course.}

Taking it off,  right?

Not anymore… Thanks to this little powerhouse in our home!
my trusty DōTerra essential oil of course!*

Before you remove the bandaid,  apply a small amount of lemon essential oil to the top of the bandaid and rub it ever so lightly to cover the whole bandaid… Wait long enough to think of what you want to be when you grow up, then just practically lift it off the skin!


You can breath a sigh of relief at the painless removal as well as enjoy the oh-so-fresh smell all while enjoying the fact that you are now super mom/wife… Pretty much superhero status. You can now painlessly remove your kids’/husbands bandaid(s). You would wear bandaids, but you don’t got time for that!

Don’t take this the wrong way but…  Go get a paper-cut and pour lemon juice on it (and by juice I mean oil and by it,  I mean your bandaid)!

Happy,  peaceful,  pain free bandaid removal everyone!

*anytime you want to inquire more about essential oils or find out about getting your own,  visit the essential oils tab at the top of my page.  I just have to throw that out there because I am glad someone else showed me this so I could do things like this in my effort to limit toxins and other yucky stuff in our home that is…  Well yucky.


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