Boys will be Boys

I found another mud puddle series on my phone from Christmas Day that I just HAD to share with you! You can’t get too many pictures, can you!?  You can see his other splashes on my Happy 2015 post!

I love this little boy of mine’s free spirit and love for the great outdoors… rain or shine!

I walked onto the porch in time for him to say “mommy watch this” and I knew it was going to be either messy or dangerous.

2015-01-02 10.53.55

2015-01-02 10.53.20

2015-01-02 10.54.56

2015-01-02 10.55.29

2015-01-02 10.56.20

Look how proud he is!  I of course was proud too even though I would spend a lot of time cleaning him up!  May you find something to do today that makes your happy and proud… and maybe even a little messy!

Happy Splashing!


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