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Post-Christmas Thoughts and Challenge

This morning I got up quite early to do a few hours of work… both for a little side job I have recently aquired as well as some housework.  The whole time I was held captive with a few thoughts I felt pressed to share with you today!

As a mom, it is often hard to find time to get housework done… actually catch up on laundry, dishes and cleaning. You know, really get the house clean, not just to a barely holding-it-together state like the usual I feel like we have around here. I often find myself pulling away from my kids when they are “occupied” or “safely doing something” to get a task done and many times after I walk away (even if just for a minute), I think to myself, did I miss something? Sometimes, even a few minutes out of the room or being preocupied with something you can miss out on a sweet moment.  There is so much more to parenthood than simply “keeping the kid safe”.

When kids get new toys, or something new to watch, they can really be sucked in and stay “occupied” for an extra few moments which really buys us moms many extra minutes through the course of the day to get our “stuff” done! I have 2 kids under 3 years old and those times when they are both safe and sound and occupied are rare, but let me tell you that those are the sweetest times. Those are the times that I hate to miss.  Some days I admit that I blaze through those moments with a blind eye. Let me tell you thought that time goes too fast and I regret those times I have been too busy with mundane pointless tasks. . When my toddler actually sits down to color, or sits down to drive trucks is when I can share a few minutes WITH him. When he is sitting at the table for a snack, I can join him. He loves to talk and tell stories, laugh and giggle.  He has the sweetest heart. My 15 month old (as of today) stays on the move and rarely sits still but loves to interact, share toys, deliver things to me and if I sit and play, he loves it and hey, I have fun too. You won’t be able to snuggle with him because he won’t have it but he has the sweetest little playful personality and silliest little grin… he’s funny and wild. There are so many smiles to be had, especially on a day like today. New toys means new things to learn, new things to teach, new experiences that we can have together.

So while they are sleeping in after a big day yerterday I am scurrying around the house, sorting laundry, picking up and typing my thoughts to you in hopes they will help you take a pause and enjoy it, whatever “it” is for you.  This may find you with older adult kids, grandkids, or no kids at all…  but maybe you can take a pause and enjoy something else… the scenery, a hot cup of coffee, friends or even your spouse.  Just take time for something you truly enjoy or something you’ve missed.

The older kids get, the less time they require, but it seems the more time they need with you.

beka whitaker buy time

“Don’t let new things buy you extra time, let those things allow you moretime with your family.”

It is too easy to let  precious moments slip away.

Thanks for listening!

Love, Beka




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