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“He’ll be so excited to see me!”

My husband is due to return from a long trip tomorrow afternoon and to say we are ready would be an understatement. He has been truly missed!

Tonight as I was spending time with my sweet 2.5 year old before tucking him in one final time, I reminded him that tomorrow is when daddy gets home.

This made him sit straight up and grin from ear to ear before exclaiming, “Wahooo, he will be so excited to see me!”

This could not be more true!

I then asked him what he was looking forward to doing with daddy…

He created quite the list so bear with me.  These were all thought of by him and let me tell ya… he melts me into a puddle with his sweet remarks, thoughtfulness and pure brain power!

Here is what he came up with…

“After he gives me my hug and kiss i want to…

Play play doh with daddy so he can make me stuff and roll a huge Pancake for me…

I want to color in my Thomas book with daddy and show daddy all the engines…

Daddy likes to color with me and he likes snacks…

I want to eat white cheese because it is yummy (what about yellow?) Yes, Oh I like yellow too. Daddy likes yellow cheese and almonds.

Build train tracks and tunnels and drive fast and crash – BOOM!

Fly like ‘mater’ (of which he pronounces may-tore when saying this statement but otherwise just ‘mater’ any other time) to my room!

(what else?)

Eat almonds and pecans… Daddy likes pecans too. Daddy is hungry.

Watch somethin’ (what do you want to watch with daddy?)

Caillou, mater and…. And…. Thomas! Daddy likes it.

Play in my room too and build a huge pile of animals and jump on them.

(wow, you guys are going to have so much fun!)

He’ll be so excited to see me!

We could go to church too… And go walk and jump outside.

(is that all?)

No way, I want to drink a smoothie with daddy too. My cup has a straw in it.

Daddy wants to build a pile of animals and jump on them, and me too. We can find alllllllll my animals.

Maybe go to church too!

You and daddy can drink coffee if you want…

Play trucks and cars and make them zoom really fast and maybe daddy can draw me a tow truck, a fire truck and police car and Chevy Tahoe like grammy has.

(wow, that sounds really fun, let me tuck you in… )

Wait mommy, what else?

(I don’t know, that is quite a bit!)

There is more, what else? Oh yeah, eat chocolate and then more chocolate and then just one more little piece before we brush our teeth.

he’s going to be so excited to see me!”

I love this sweet little boy and he is so excited about his daddy returning tomorrow and I’ve gotta say, Wahooooooo me too!

Happy Monday to all!


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