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We went to Portland // GOOD Bo update

Last night we returned home from a trip to Portland to have a flash MRI and a visit with Bo’s surgeon. I am happy to report that all went well… All went smooth. We had good weather, clear roads, a fun time, a little one who rested and napped in the car, and best of all a great report from Bo’s surgeon.

Here is Bo awaiting his MRI scan

He did so well with all of it. I got in there with him while they did the MRI (flash MRI which meant that he did not have to be sedated but that he still had to be still) … they put ear plugs on both of us (for those who have never had a MRI, they are super loud) and had me in there to hold his head still and keep him from being too freaked out. He cried a little bit but overall did amazing for a little one in such a crazy looking and sounding machine.

Here he is getting tickled by his daddy while we were waiting for Bo’s surgeon to come give us the report.

After waiting an extra hour and a half beyond his scheduled time, the news we received was well worth the wait. The cyst is not retaining fluid anymore and is draining itself exactly as he hoped. His brain has relaxed some into the space the cyst used to take up as well which is good… Although there is still space there that may always remain. This is not in and of itself something that poses any danger, but what would be dangerous is a head injury as a typical blow to the head is not good for anyone… but because there is “empty” (although not literally empty) space there it can jostle his brain in his scull to a more damaging degree. His surgeon said that contact sports should never be in his future.

We are so thankful for the great news.

We will have another scan In one year and an appt with his surgeon for another check-up to make sure all is still ok in his sweet head!

Mount Washington on our drive home.

When we got home, my toddler ran around like a wild bandit for an hour then fell asleep on my lap trying to decide what book he wanted me to read him.
This is totally out of character – I had a tired little boy!

I hope that this finds you all doing well!


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