Monkey Pictures

30 Months: Monkey Picture

 2.5 years old!

KJ 2andahalf monkey 2 jpg

I absolutely cannot believe what is before my eyes! My boy is 2.5 years old today.  He is growing daily and learning more than I can keep track of and faster than I can keep up with.  He constantly amazes me with his sweet heart, pure love for life, sense of humor, spunky personality, smart, witty remarks and his enthusiasm to just want to play constantly.  This boy loves trucks, cars, trains, airplanes, food and the dirtiest dirt around.  I can’t imagine a single day without this little mini-man!  For his past monkey pictures, visit here.  The difference blows me away! 🙂 I know babies grow fast, kids grow up fast…. but still. It happens way too fast and to see the difference compared to his monkey is ah-may-zeeng!


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