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Healthy “smash cake” // Baby’s First Birthday Cake!

Baby’s First Birthday Cake -“Healthy Smash Cake”

HEALTHY baby smash cake

It has taken me a while to post this… isn’t that embarrassing? I forgot… then I thought that I did it… then I remembered that I forgot and then repeat…  Well. Here it finally is!

{scroll to the bottom for a summary JPEG of the cake}

I wanted to make a healthy cake for baby’s first birthday (and second birthday) for several reasons, but this being one… the ingredients that you find in a basic “store-bought” cake.


And to think, this cake does not even have colored pretty things on it… or fondant.  Just to get a simple cake at the store this is the type of ingredients that you are dealing with.  I don’t  need to go too deep into this and show you all the other ingredients and additives that are in cakes or other products for that matter… but when considering my baby – I’m not going to give this to mine, even for a special occasion.   All the more reason to give them something truly special!

There is some dairy and egg in this cake, but for my babies this was no big deal as I had already introduced all these.

Cake Ingredients:
  • 4 very ripe bananas
  • 1/2 cup unsweetened applesauce
  • 1/4 cup plain greek yogurt
  • 1 large egg
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  •  1 1/2 cups whole wheat flour
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon
Frosting Ingredients:
  • 1.5 cups plain Greek yogurt (very thick) – Fage is what I used
  • 1/2 cup cream cheese
  • sprinkle of cinnamon
  • small squeeze of honey
  1. Combine the banana, applesauce, yogurt and egg in a bowl – you can mash, beat or blend… whatever your style or equipment allows.
  2. In another bowl, combine the flour, baking soda and cinnamon.
  3. Mix the two mixtures together just until incorporated.
  4. Spray your pans with cooking spray or line with parchment paper. I used three 5″ round pans for my older sons cake and stacked them up and I used one large circle for my younger son’s birthday and cut info perfect 3rds and stacked.
  5. Spread the batter into the bottom of your pans… it is a fairly thick “batter” – FYI.
  6. Bake at 350° for about 30-40 minutes. But you can test doneness with a toothpick to ensure the middle is completely set.
  7. Meanwhile, beat the yogurt, cream cheese and cinnamon together until fluffy and set aside / refrigerate.
  8. Cool the cakes and *frost/ decorate.

Serve immediately or refrigerate to keep safe as there are not preservatives.  refrigerate any leftover as well and consume within 2 days.

healthy smash cake directions beka web



42 thoughts on “Healthy “smash cake” // Baby’s First Birthday Cake!

  1. i wish i read the feedback first (lesson learned) 😦 i have one bowl of blob yoghurt and cream cheese mixture now. 😦

    1. Is it too runny? What do you mean by blob? I have a newborn so haven’t integrated feedback into my revisions in a bit.

  2. I made the cake and it looks great! I have it frozen and ready to go. However, I just tried to make the frosting, I used a greek yogurt, but not Fage. It’s way too runny. I don’t think it will hold the sprinkles I want nor can I imagine it holding up between the layers of what is a pretty heavy cake. So I’m going to have to find a different frosting. But that’s okay, the cake is an awesome recipe and maybe for a different occasion the thinner icing can work too!

    1. Hi Vanna!
      Thanks so much for the feedback and I am so glad the cake worked great! The reason that I like Fage is that it is a really thick yogurt overall when it is chilled so it helps for sure. Let me know what type of frosting you end up using – sprinkles on the cake sounds so so fun!! Thanks again and enjoy!

      1. I ended up finding a whipped cream and cream cheese frosting, you just whip them both then fold together. it was easy! I would recommend changing the PDF to say Fage yogurt specifically, just because when I saw the *thick* note in the PDF I thought that’s generally all greek yogurt is thick. But not until I started reading through comments did I see Fage. But I was also wondering if it would matter if you use the whisk or beater attachment to mix them (when using a kitchen aid stand mixer).

      2. Thanks for the feedback! I totally see how that detail would help! Thank you! I will try and get that updated ASAP! I am not sure it would matter too much on which attachment but I think the whisk attachment would yield a more fluffy product. Thank you!

    1. Hi Emily – yes, cupcakes would work and I’d use the same temp and they may bake a little quicker so check them sooner. Thankyou!! Let me know how they work!

      1. Hi there. Do I need to make any adjustments to the recipe for baking at High Altitude? Above 6,000 feet? I would like to make 2 smash cakes. About 5″ in diameter. Will this recipe work for two? since they will be smaller than traditional 8″-9″ cakes. thanks so much for your reply.

      2. Hi Katy – I’m bummed I didn’t see your comment until now. I’ll have to see why. But anyways. I don’t think any adjustments for 6000 feet are needed but also the smaller cake pans would be perfect. I used little ones before and It was my favorite size.

    2. I wanted to update this post… I made the cupcakes and kept a close eye on them. I believe they only cooked for like 10 minutes. Also, I added a little extra honey and cinnamon to the frosting to give it some added flavor. My one year old son LOVED it! Thanks for the recipe!

    1. It can be frozen. It’s kind of like banana bread consistency more than a fluffy cake and as long as you wrap it well it should stay good in the freezer 🙂 also the frosting probably wouldn’t hold things tightly… Like a big candle would need to be pressed through to the cake. I put raspberries and blueberries all around without issue once.

  3. Hi Beka!
    My son’s 1st bday is in less than a month and this recipe seems super yummy! I will definitely give it a test run before the big day. Thanks for sharing!

  4. My sons birthday is in early November so I was wanting to make a pumpkin version of this cake. I was planning on replacing the applesauce with pumpkin purée and adding pumpkin pie spice. Have you tried this before? I’m not much of a baker so I don’t know if this will even work. Do you have any suggestions?

    1. Hi Adrianna – sorry for the delay in getting back to you. We moved and are just behind on it all. A pumpkin version would be amazing. I love pumpkin anything. I would tend to think replacing the banana with pumpkin may be the best bet because the banana will overpower the pumpkin in this I predict if you only swap the applesauce. Does that make sense? Adding pumpkin pie spice would be super yummy too. If i have time to make a pumpkin version i will let you know.

  5. I’m going to try this with coconut flour instead. I know w/ coconut flour you need more eggs, less flour, & more milk if there isn’t fruit to moisten it up. If you had any pointers that’d be great!! I hope it turns out. 🙂 THANK YOU!

    1. The banana should add enough fruit to help moisten I predict but let me know if you try and how it turns out. I’ve substituted coconut flour in other recipes and increased the moisture a little bit but didn’t have to add more ingredients like milk or more egg. But that was muffins. I don’t have much experience with coconut flour though. Let me know!

    1. It depends on what you want to do as a parent I think but I’ve always been told that it’s unsafe for children under 1 which was also what my education taught me… And we’ve been just fine with introducing at one…. but of course as the parent do what you are most comfortable with – that’s the best! It’s best to introduce things as you feel safe doing. I’m not trying to force anything on anyone – just here to share what I have done, not tell anyone what to do. Thanks for the comment and have a nice day!

    2. If you use pasteurized honey it is fine, Beka is right some parents choose to give it at 1 yr and others at 2 yrs . Pasteurized honey will not cause botulism.

  6. Hi there. I haven’t been that lucky with the cake. Just made it this evening and I’m sad to say that it didn’t come out as I had hoped. I even made applesauce from.scratch! The middle is still quite raw. There could be a number of areas where I could have gone wrong as I converted all the measurements from USA to UK. Even the frosting is too runny. Help!!! I need this cake to work, it’s my bubbas first birthday in.less than a week. Cindy

    1. Hi Cindy! Thank you for letting me know your results – – I am not sure why it would not have worked for you… I am going to try and make it soon and make sure it is all in correctly. I had no issue the numerous times I have baked it. I am living in a remote place for a bit longer so I have not been able to make it in a while because our ingredients are super limited where we are for the summer. I baked mine in a few layers so it should not be too raw in the middle, unless it is too thick in the pan is my guess. You could try splitting the batter up into 2 or 3 layers. Also, the greek yogurt that I use for the frosting is a really thick full-fat yogurt that comes pretty thick and I keep it refrigerated until before serving so it stays nice and firm. Once I whip it up, it gets more airy – it is definitely not thick but indeed not runny either. I wish I knew the right conversions for you too. I am not familiar with that. Is your homemade applesauce pretty thick? If it seems too runny, you could strain it a bit to help I would think.

  7. Yum can’t wait to make this for my daughter! Can I use oat flour instead of whole wheat?? Also, you emphasized ‘thick’ plain Greek yogurt for the frosting.. Is that any different from what was used in the cake?
    Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Paulette! I think oat flour would work…. Even white flour to make it lighter textured…. Whatever you prefer! I used the same yogurt in the cake as on the top ad well to make it simple! 🙂 I hope it works well for you!! My boys just mutilated the top and then I sliced the cake Into tiny squares for finger food and they liked that.

    1. Hi Elena! Thanks! I think it all depends on what the parent is comfortable with. I’ve always understood that Honey is ok for one year old babies and older… At least that’s what our pediatricians have always informed us of… and it’s been ok for my babies! I’m assuming since it is for a baby’s first birthday, they are one and therefore it would be safe. I would recommend honey over artificial sweetener too. But that’s both a personal preference and what I educated people on. But even no sugar is better than most, especially if the baby would not notice ha ha… whatever the parent feels comfortable using, sigh… But most things are better than following the perfect dietary plan from birth to a year and then going crazy with a artificially colored cake full of preservatives… I’d say honey is much better than most anything found in those cakes! 🙂 thanks for the comment! Have an amazing day!

  8. Hi Shelly, So I just noticed while making this for my 1yr olds birthday, that you have honey in the frosting. To me the title of it made it seem like it was for a 1 yr old, but babies are never supposed to have honey unless baked into something. Right? So I had to cut out the honey in the frosting and just add a tiny bit of regular or stevia sugar. Just thought you should know.

    1. Hi Shelly! You could use a glass dish if you’d like, or even double the recipe and use a 9″ round or square pan. I used a larger round of my youngest son recently and cut the round into equal triangles and then stacked those up with frosting between to make it look like a larger personal frosted piece of cake. Does that make sense? Also make sure you grease whatever pan you use so it will come out well! 🙂

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