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My Bo // Happy First Birthday!


We celerated a very special birthday today!

This spunky, full-of-life loud little boy is the big O.N.E!

It has been quite a wild past few months around here with his surgery happenings but boy are we excited to celebrate with Bo and are so thankful that he is recovering more and more each and every day.  A baby’s first birthday is pretty big no matter what… probably more-so for the parents {kind of as a “we survived the first year and managed to keep this human alive” type of thing}.  Am I right? I know I am weird, but thanks for humoring me.  But seriously – we are so happy to have this little boy so healthy, happy and strong today!  There were times I was pure scared about this day not coming but each and every second following his surgery I got a little less worried.

So, Happy Happy Birthday my sweet BO!


I made him the “healthy smash cake”  that I made my older son for his first birthday

{If you are in the market for a healthy toddler cake click HERE}


This little man is ready to soar! I am so so proud of him and so so proud to be his mommy!


This little fella will be walking before too long, has 2 teeth and is full of life!

We love you Bo!


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