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Month 12: Giraffe Picture

Guess who is ONE!? This little sweet guy of mine.

bo hat 12

He is oh-so-happy about it too!

bo hat 12 2

Taking his pictures has become oh-so-hard lately too…

(I will try to use “oh-so” one more time for you later, don’t worry)

I talked about my Kelvin doing this too from his 10 month monkey picture and on… they are smart… I bring out their animal and they go wild.

Bo is so squiry and knows that I want him to hold still and smile and look… so this is the best we’ve got and you know what? He is still precious! I actually got somewhat of a clear picture, and he is looking – winner.

bo 12 mo

Currently, Bo is one month post-op and doing very very well. He has 2 teeth, is crusring around pushing things, walking along furniture and is quite the adventureous one. He is still my loud one and is constantly blabbering and pretty much yelling.

Check out his newborn giraffe picture….

bo newborn border

and his 6 month….

Bo 6 month border

what a difference a few months makes! All his Giraffe pictures can be found here.

Here are my 2 boys with their animals on Bo’s brirthday!

both boys animal pics

And guess who had to get a picture with Bo’s Giraffe…. and he gave me probably the best picture ever…. sitting still, looking, smiling – winner…. just not with his monkey! 🙂

KJ 2andahalf monkey jpg


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