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My Boys, sitting still… together!

It is so rare these days to get a picture of one of my boys that is clear, it is even more rare to get them both in the same shot and most rare of all to get a picure like this… mysweetboysPriceless, am I right?  Kind of like this post from several months ago, when Bo was still just a tiny one.

I have been looking through a lot of my pictures lately and am finally working on starting my picture organization again after we have had such a busy few months.  I don’t know yet how I am going to do it, but I am most likely just going to randomley post pictures with random dates and random stories, ok? Bear with me… bare with me or just beware! 🙂 This picture was taken the day I snapped a few pictures of Bo for his 11 month giraffe picture! I could not believe my ears when I hear KJ say, me too! He wanted to sit with Bo, his giraffe and his own special doggy!



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