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Month 11: Giraffe Picture

Please excuse my drastic delay in posting anything! 🙂  Stay tuned over the next several days as I get us all up to speed on our little life. We have been quite busy – all is well, just kind of wild. Not like a National Geographic episode…. just busy and 1/2.

Now that I have that out of the way… pretend you are reading this on August 26th – that was his 11 month birthday.

I wanted to share Bo’s 11 month giraffe picture even if it is late! If we look at the time between when he turned 11 months and now…. we have had a lot going on I tell ya… Bo especially. His surgery was on his 11 month birthday – BLESS HIS SWEET BONES and he has been recoverging like nobody’s business. This kid knows how to get up and go!


bo 11 month giraffe picture 3At 11 months…. Bo is crusiing around hanging onto couches and tables and chairs, eating a ton of different finger foods (still with only his 2 bottom front teeth) and crawling around non-stop…. this kid is an active one. It is so hard to keep him full.  Have I ever told you that he is loud…. well loud is becoming less accurate as he is more like extremely loud – what word would work for that!? We love our sweet BO!!


One thought on “Month 11: Giraffe Picture

  1. Not sure if this will get to you. But it won’t open. I like the pic of the two boys together! Love Auntie Laura

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