2014 · Baby · Updates on Bo

Bo // one week later

It has been exactly one week since Bo’s surgery in Portland.  How is he? 

He is doing absolutely wonderful.  If you did not see the incision on his head,  you would never know he just recently had an operation. 

He had recovered faster than I ever thought possible,  even for a spunky,  full-of-life little one like Bo. 

He seems to be about back to his spunky,  lively,  loud and active self. 

It was a few nights and days before he wanted to sleep alone in his bed so I am still playing catch up on rest and housework,  but I tried to soak up the sweet time with him while he wanted to snuggle.  He seemed to prefer sleeping more upright so I held him in the comfy recliner/rocker in his room.  It was the most precious thing to have his sweet face snuggled into my neck for 4 nights….  Even when my tail was asleep from being stuck in the same position and I was exhausted…  That time was simply priceless. 

Now,  he is about back on the schedule/routine we had prior to surgery and I am faced with the fact that he will be one year old later this month. Where does time go? I think he eats it….


It feels so good to be on the other side of his surgery… I am so happy for him to have it taken care of.  I was heartbroken for him having to go through it and feel so yucky and have the pain from the surgery.  But talk about a tough cookie! 

We will have an appointment in a week or so to make sure he is healing well and a 3 month MRI to make sure all is ok inside his head (back in Portland),  but for now we are here….

So thankful…

So blessed…

So relieved…

And so much in love!


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