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Feels like a miracle // Bo update

We are on our way home.  Yes,  going home less than 24 hours since Bo’s brain surgery. 

Let me give you a list of things that we are so thankful for:

*Bo did excellent with having to fast and wait so long for surgery.  He was given toys to play with and even got in a little nap while we waited to take him back.

*The nurse that took him into the operating area was very sweet and talked to him –  he did not cry or get scared when we had to leave him.  It was great he did not have to have medication to “relax”  him prior to the operation.  This would have delayed his wake up time and made him more groggy they said. So we opted to do without and we’re happy we chose so.

* the surgeon said the procedure went wonderfully.  It went better than expected.  He was able to create 3 drain holes in the cyst…  It is usually great to get 2 and sometimes only 1 is made. He felt like the cyst would drain itself in the future and we would not have to do this again.

* the medical team said he did great during the surgery…  Went to “sleep”  smoothly and tolerated anesthesia well.
*we were told it was Incredible that for the size of the cyst and the amount of pressure that was built up inside that it was symptom free…  As far as we knew at least.  There were no signs that he was having pain and no damage within his head.

*he woke up very fast after the surgery with no complications. He needed some oxygen but not for too long.

*a nurse that we met with for an anesthesia pre-op really fell in love with Bo, held him and got to know him was the same nurse that was present the next day and when we went to see him for the first time in recovery, he was not in the bed… He was snuggled in her arms under a blanket and she was keeping him “loved” until I arrived. She got ready eyed and told me she was not going to let him lay there and cry on her watch.

*he had a rough time with pain and fever for a while during the first part of the night but came out of that well and was such a trooper.  We are so proud of him.

(My first time holding him in recovery room)

*he was able to drink 6oz of breast milk from a bottle  and tolerate it perfectly just a few hours after waking up from anesthesia…  Followed by feedings every 2.5 hours through the night with no nausea or worse. 

*he had excellent fluid output

*he had no adverse reactions to any medications

*Bo had wonderful nurses that fell in love with him and we’re teary eyed as their shifts ended. 

*I was able to hold 99‰ of the time after his surgery.  He was to remain flat for the first 24 hours following surgery,  but his surgeon told me I could hold him in my lap and snuggle with him all I wanted.


*Bo had a lot of strength early on and was able to move his arms and legs freely… Also had good response to light… Sounds etc. No damage to any part of his brain etc.


* and perhaps the biggest of them all, not that any of that is unimportant, but more so unexpected is that we are on our way HOME… Bo was not only discharged from the intensive care unit, but a full day early and less than 24 hours after brain surgery!

Here he is waiting for his discharge orders.

Here we are ready for the car. I have been up since yesterday at 5am so hopefully will get some sleep tonight… But if not, there is always tomorrow!

Thank you for your love, thoughts and prayers…. It really helped us and sweet baby Bo!


2 thoughts on “Feels like a miracle // Bo update

    1. Thanks!! The nurses were so great and sweet. He charmed everyone! He totally fell asleep in his car seat after a minute and looked do comfy. We got home and he was excited!

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