2014 · Baby · Updates on Bo

Surgery Complete // Bo update

Bo is out of surgery and is spending the night in the PICU.  His surgeon told us that he was very pleased with the surgery and that it went better than expected which is excellent news. Another physican on the team today said that the cyst had a lot of pressure and was rather large…  And they were amazed that he did not have any complications or issues from it.  Bo is recovering more and more each hour.  It has been a tiring day but I am thankful that I now get to hold him…  Even if it means a restless night. 


We are so thankful that the day has gone well.  A sincere THANK YOU to everyone that has been thinking about Bo and us and keeping us all in your prayers.  We felt everyone’s love today for sure.


We have to keep our phones in “airplane”  mode while in the PICU units,  so I kept this update brief.  🙂 . I will update again soon,  but I am signing out with great news that his surgery went wonderful and he is now on the road to recovery. 


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