2014 · Baby · Updates on Bo

It’s Bo time // headed to Portland

We have a few appointments this afternoon in Portland for preparation for Bo’s surgery (taking place tomorrow) . He has lab work, a pre op appointment and an anesthesia consult. We will also have a lot of paperwork I’m sure… Nothing goes down without a ton of paperwork and signatures. So, we we will have a full day ahead but hopefully all goes smooth.

I’ve already had approximately 8 meltdowns today and it is only 10:00 but when you have to load your baby in the car knowing what is ahead for him, say goodbye to your toddler for 4 days and drop off your dog at a loud kennel – it is rough on a mommy. Not to mention that I stayed up most of the night trying to pack and make sure everything was ready…. But it is never totally ready… I actually lost the list i’d been making for the past few weeks and had to kind of wing it at midnight but hey, it is ok. We are on our way and we are ready enough. Who cares if there are dishes in the sink – they won’t go anywhere.


We will find out soon what time Bo’s surgery will be and we will update you soon. Thanks for you thoughts and prayers!


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