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Less than a week to go // Bo

Well,  here we are,  exactly 5 days from Bo’s big day (surgery). Alot of people have been asking how Bo is doing and how we are all doing.  Bo is doing awesome.  I don’t really think he is having pain or feeling too much pressure.  Sometimes I think he can feel the pressure but I have really know –  it is hard to know what a baby is feeling exactly,  but sometimes he just does not feel quite right.  At times he just wants to take a break and rest his head on mommy,  of which I soak up as much as possible.  This little man is on the go I tell ya.  He is a constant moving ball of high-energy.  He rarely stops for much.  He has several times been crawling and then just laid his head on the floor for a rest.  This thing gets heavy mommy he seems to tell me as he lays it down.

You could say all is going well otherwise too.  We have been doing our normal day-to-day things while we wait.  I have been a little more busy than my usual busy I feel like.  I have had a few outlets that have really helped in my dealing with my “soup”  as I mentioned in an earlier post.  I have been having a lot of worry,  anxiety and fear about the whole thing and am just ready to be on the other side of it now.  I hate that Bo has to go through this and I would do it for him if I could.  But I am thankful once again for the medical professionals and facilities that we have access to that will take care of him.

My outlets have been baking and getting outside (our weather has been superb) with the boys,  with the boys and dog,  with the dog,  or get this –  by myself!  The other day while the boys were napping,  my husband was home for lunch so I went on a nice outside jaunt. What is a jaunt anyways ? 🙂 any how,  I shall do that again one day.  Although it felt weird,  It was also freeing.

But what helps me (an us) the most lately is just time with my family and views like this:


Anyways,  I hope today finds you doing wonderful and thanks for checking in on us!



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