2014 · boy

Six month side-by-side comparison

It has been a while since I did a “side-by-side” comparison of my boys… so, today, I bring to you their 6 month pictures as a comparison.  To me, they are each all their own with some subtle similarities. Many people tell me that they look very alike.  Sometimes they look more alike than others, but so far, I feel like they will of course look related, but be their own special men! 🙂

At 6 months they had the following stats:

Kelvin (left) weighed 22 # &  7 ounces and was 28 and 3/4″ long.  He was almost sitting up by himself and could scoot around a little bit on the floor and had one tooth.

Bo (right) weighed 18 # & 2 ounces and was 26″ long. Bo was nowhere near sitting up, but was definitely scooting around the floor with no teeth in sight.

Ok, that’s all… thanks for listening!  See you again soon!

six month comp


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