2014 · Baby · Updates on Bo

Bo is having surgery //Admitting my obsession

Since the day he was born… I have always been obsessed with Bo’s head. I have of course been thinking more and more about it lately but what I am telling you today is that I have always been obsessed with it… since the day he was born and placed in my arms.  I don’t know why, but call it a mother’s intuition I guess (he has apparently had the cyst since birth).  From the moment I first held him, I would stare at his head, inspect it, rub it, and completely “baby it”.  It seems like I have always been conscious of it. When he started to move around… roll… crawl… stand… and now furniture surf,  I have always taken extra precautions to make sure that it was protected.  I know, I know, you should protect your kids head no matter what, but also everything else. BUT because I was rather obsessed with it I feel it deserves mentioning / admitting.  Not only his head was I obsessed with, but his face and eyes have always been so captivating to me… And of course just Bo – we love our Bo from head to toe! He is so sweet and personable and just causes me to melt into a puddle more and more each day!

Here he is waiting for his surgery to begin. He is very hungry, but still smiling and being his charming self.


Now, as I type this he is in the operating room. He is out of my hands but in the hands of a phenomenal medical team who is currently obsessed with my babies head… Bo is their main concern. Most importantly he is in the hands of God who loves him the most of all. I am thankful. I know I can’t do what he needs in this area, but am thankful that they can and that he will be taken care of. It will be my turn again very soon and let me tell you I can’t wait. I’m crazy about this little man we call Bo and I can’t imagine life without him.

Here he is making eyes at the nurses. Everyone has fallen in love with Bo here.


Anxious to hold him again soon. They said it may be 3 hours until we are reunited… Possibly more.

Here he is catching a much needed nap the last hour of his waiting.

Now, we are here waiting.

Me, my husband and his dad and brother are all here from Florida waiting for precious Bo to be back. We are thankful for all the support we have both near and far and everywhere between… all the Bo fans out there. Thank you!


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