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Good Lab Report // 16 days

Bo had a pre-op visit/physical with his Pediatrician on thursday! We had to have this appointment and Labs drawn within a certain amount of days prior to his surgery (nice that we could do those locally instead of heading over the mountain a few extra times) so it was wonderful to get both of those done in one local appointment!

(the paper stood no chance)



He did great at the doc appt and has gained 7 ounces since his last (unexpected,  due to ear infections) appt. He hated the blood draw, but who loves it? He is just a little one and did not understand what was going on, so that was hard! He also has a big bruise on his precious little arm where the needle was. 😦

He charmed everyone by his spunky full-of-life-personality.

He looked like this when his doctor came in and she about melted into a puddle on the floor.


Bo… Is just himself – Bo through and through.


So, his Labs came back great and he is healthy and “ready” for surgery. We’ve been instructed to stay home a lot, limit outings / social gatherings and to obsessively wash hands to stay germ free because if he has the slightest bit of a sniffle, his surgery will be cancelled.

Now for me, I’m not so sure yet. I’ve been eating everything in sight one day, and hardly eating the next, staying super busy one day and then in a daze the next – probably just coming across as a crazy lady, so please excuse me for a while. 😉

16 days to go until Bo’s surgery!


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