We are scheduled // Bo update

After what seemed like several long days following Bo’s appointment in Portland, we have finally been given a definite date for Bo’s surgery.  This date will be engraved in my mind,  much like my boys birthdays will be I predict.

AUGUST 26th.

bo bw

When I got the call that we had been given a date I felt so elated…  and in a weird way…  almost excited.  I say excited, but the thought of him actually needing surgery and thinking of the surgery that will be performed makes me feel rather nauseated.  I am feeling anxiety, worry, relief, excitement and dread all at the same time… that is not a good combo. A bad soup, if you will. This is stomach turning type of stuff for me.

The days that we were waiting to hear of his surgery date, were days that the scheduler was working hard to create a slot in an already busy schedule for the surgeon.   It is not everywhere that you find a Pediatric Neurosurgeon and when you do, they are busy.  His scheduler had to move something and then rearrange everything around the change…. Then move another and rearrange everything associated with that….  Repeat,  repeat,  repeat until there was a hole for Bo.

I am truly thankful that Bo was fit in,  that we have a definite date,  and that we are one step closer to having Bo cyst free… so add thankful to that weird soup.  If he was not considered an urgent case,  we would have been scheduled in the middle of October.  It was my hope that Bo could be done with all of this by his first birthday and so far,  it is definitely looking to pan out that way.  He will have his surgery on his 11 month birthday!  We may have to get creative with his giraffe picture (or take it early which would be excusable I’m sure).

This sweet boy is less than a month away from his surgery and I am beyond thankful that he will receive the care he needs…. even if I am nervous, anxious and more. I know that it will be what is best for him and he will bounce back quickly.

There are still some other appointments that are being made for us… pre-op, blood work, anesthesia consult, physical… but having that surgery date set is an enormous update for you all!

Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers as we start the surgery countdown!

3 weeks + 1 day to surgery!


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