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Month 10: Giraffe Picture

This sweet little man  turned 10 months old on Saturday!

bo 10 month crib

I cannot believe how fast he is growing – right before my eyes! He is changing so fast. I find him getting more and more mobile by the day… which means it gets harder and harder to get clear pictures of him…  he is smart enough to know exactly what I want and mess with me. He will throw his body around and laugh and throw his arms when I put him by the giraffe and get my camera! He will also have no care of the fact that he is up high and will try to throw himself off the chair… I have to pull out some athletic ability to get him set up, step back far enough to snap a picture, while making him smile and then jump back to catch him. I probably should stretch before we take on this endeavor next month.  The best solution would be to rope my husband into helping me… we had to tag team it with my toddler beginning at his 11 month pictures!

Bo 10 month pic border

Some milestone news:  He just got his very first tooth as of less than a week ago, so that is big since last month’s giraffe update!  If you click on that link, you will see that he has really grown a lot… at least gained a little weight! 🙂  If you want to look way back to my toddler’s 10-month picture, click here! 🙂 I love to look back at them and see how much they have grown!  They are so different, and yet so alike… wow, that is a deep statement!

bo 10 month old wild

Bo continues to be so full of life and happy!  I feel like I have been saying that every month I add his pictures, but it is so true! It just rings more and more true each and every day! This is a big blessing for us now knowing of the large cyst in his head.  It has been a couple days over a month since we found out that something may not be quite right in his head at his 9-month well-baby check-up.   We are currently waiting to be scheduled for a surgery in Portland sometime in the next month or 2 after our appointment last Friday… and although it is hard to wait, we are encouraged by the fact that he remains for the most part free of signs that he is being bothered by the cyst.

Bo 10 month pic 2

We love, love love our sweet baby Bo! Happy 10 months!

For those that want a direct link to updates on Bo as we are going through the process to resolve the cyst in his head: click here!


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