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Portland // one appt down

We had an appointment in Portland today!


Our trip went pretty smooth…  Left with plenty of time to allow for traffic….  A coffee run….  Potty breaks…  Lunch.  Then we hit a super backed up spot where there was a bad accident followed by another super backed up spot from another accident.  Is it appropriate to tell you that I peed in my coffee cup?  No?  OK.  I won’t tell you that part.  Thanks for letting me know before I totally embarrassed myself.  (that was close). We went from being about 50 minutes early to 20 minutes late after all the hold-up,  but I was able to check Bo In only 10 minutes late –  thanks to greg dropping me off on the sidewalk in front of the huge building.


I made my way up the elevator to the 8th floor….  And was able to enjoy this view for a few minutes to try and get composure and get rid of my motion sickness – I am a weenie in the car,  especially in the back seat with an infant who needs you to squeak and shake toys and sing and dance because he should have eaten an hour ago…  And on elevators.  So a 4 hour car ride and a fast elevator ride to the 8th floor breeds a nauseated mommy. Bo did fabulous in the car the whole way considering the hold up and the fact that he is usually crawling laps around the house most of the day.


Well,  even being late,  we still waited a while.  I’m just glad we made it.  The lady said that we were the last appointment of the day and we may not be seen if we were too late due to the doctor having rounds (something like that).



(the waiting room for the kids)

The nurse weighed Bo and measured his head then asked us a few questions.  One doctor came In and measured his head and then asked us a series of questions…  Developmental questions,  what milestones he had mastered….  Then checked him over.  He then left and the doctor we were referred to see came in.

He told us that the cyst was very large and was a “stage 3” which meant that it definitely needed operated on. He said stage 1 cysts never get operations and stage 2 are very seldom.   He said that for such a little guy,  it was already very large and needed to be dealt with because someday it would pose some type of threat or issue.  There was a lot that I did not understand and I don’t know why in the world with all the technology I carry I did not record the visit or at least his voice so I could play back what he said.  Ya know?  Where was my brain?  Oh yeah,  still moving down the highway and up the elevator and floating all around.  Phew.  But hey, what can I do now?


(the white part is the cyst from one angle,  on the left side of his head)

The doctor was awesome…  He took a lot of time with us and showed us many of the images from the MRI Bo had. I believe he will take care of Bo.  He explained what procedure he would perform and the risks associated with it.  Of course there are many risks and are risks with any surgery but there are also risks without the surgery as well.  It is just hard to stomach the thought of it going wrong. I cannot handle it not going well. He explained all the nerves and vessels and such that the cyst is resting against and how he would be needing to drain it as well as poke little holes in it in certain places so it would drain through the proper channels as it would probably try and “refill”(I may have got that wrong) . He emphasized many times the exact precision that would be imperative to the success of the surgery and also that he has performed it several times with a high success rate. The cyst is up against the brain stem as well as very close to Bo’s optic nerves and many other things… Again, It was a lot to take in.  We knew going into this that Bo would most likely need surgery but I had not really though too much about it for whatever reason… so maybe I would have less time overall to dwell on the fact that my baby is on track to have a hole drilled through his precious skull.  Something about a 10 month old ( his 10 month birthday is tomorow)  getting a circle cut out of his scull is nauseating.


All that and he said that we will be getting a call next week to get everything set up and scheduled.  We are supposed to come back sometime between now and the surgery for a pre-op appointment and blood work.  He said the surgery will most likely be in September unless something opens up sooner.  We are on the list to be worked in as soon as possible.  He is just a very busy doctor with a lot of little ones to care for.

I find myself wishing that we could get this taken care of for Bo very soon…  Monday sounds good…  I’m not sure I am ready for the surgery,  but am ready to have it behind me…  Behind him. I hope we can have it all wrapped up by his first birthday!  I do also know that there are a lot of parents out there that feel the same way with precious little ones’ lives hanging in the balance. I have chosen today to be thankful that my son’s life is not threatened by this today or tomorrow,  that we have what many people would give their lives for –  time.  This cyst,  although one day would be dangerous is at this time relatively safe.  He spoke of past surgeries that he had performed where he had to pull tumors off of the smallest little vessels within the brain… removed cancers in children that had little hope.  I know that every life is precious and there are “Littles” that need help tomorrow and can’t wait. I am not going to cause a stink and insist that my child is more important than another’s and should be seen in front of someone else.  I don’t have that power and know that my son will be taken care of at the right time.  To me, he is the world and I am trusting that we will be scheduled at the perfect time.


(the beautiful Mount Hood on our drive home)

Today I say that,  but maybe next week I will be complaining to you about how long we have to wait.  Thank you in advance for “listening”  to me and hearing me out.  Thanks for all your support,  love,  thoughts and prayers….  Wherever you may fall in that.  We appreciate you.  We will update more as we have news,  but for now we are making out way back over the mountain to be reunited with our sweet toddler who got to hang out with his grammy and papa for the day.  He is in great hands and we are thankful for that.



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