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The 4 legged nanny// {HBD Chaco!}

I don’t care what anyone says…  Dogs know when things are going on…. they know what is important.

Every night Chaco comes with me to tuck the boys in…  This is no new thing.  He has done this since the first night we have brought our first baby home and continues to do this, even with two kids. He lays in my toddler’s room while I read him his stories and tuck him in and then follows me into the baby’s room to get him settled in.

When there are thunder storms or fireworks going on he absolutely hates it but wants to be in with the boys.  I don’t think he understands why they have their own rooms.  He thinks everyone should be together.  He thrives when we are all home and are all in the same room.  We are his family. We are family.  He has a special bond with Kelvin already and Bo is not far behind.

Many people have different misconceptions about Staffordshire terriers…  Ahem – pit-bulls.  The stereotype is out there that they are mean, violent, vicious and totally unpredictable. However, by nature; they are loyal, reliable, snuggly, playful, strong, gentle and so loveable. What many people don’t know is that they historically were “nanny dogs”. (that is what they say and by they – just people on the Internet 😉 ) This breed actually thrives when they are “part of the family” … Not on a chain or just left outside as yard-art. As for my own experiences with our own “nanny dog”… These traits I can vouch for. Our dog had been raised and trained by us and made to be part of our family.

Chaco loves his babies. He is concerned when they cry, concerned when they leave the room and especially when they are gone. He is very tolerant of them and does not move suddenly or play rough around them. He knows they are off limits except he will without fail kiss them each and every day even though he knows I don’t like when he licks them. He knows he has to lay down if he wants to be close and he will get as close as he possibly can and just stare at them. When they boys were small infants (during their tummy time) he would sneak super slow over to them on his belly and lay super close to them and just stare… Like a statue.

When we go out for a walk he is on high alert and is so very proud. He loves to come along and show off his babies.

When we are on vacation in the mountains and we are out walking, he will stay on my heels, even without a leash while I am carrying the kid/s. But if we are out without the kids, he runs free. He knows.

Lately,  Chaco has been demanding to stay in Bo’s room well beyond tucking him in.  He typically gets fed after I tuck both boys in,  but he won’t come out to eat until Bo is sound asleep. He knows Bo has some stuff going on.


He knows when they (or we) are not quite up to par.


Here he is laying behind the chair in Bo’s room.


Just relaxing


While this sweetie rests.

Oh and the main event of today is that it is chacos third birthday today!

Happy birthday Chaco!


Take it easy, and thanks for being our awesome dog!


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