Holding my baby.

What a ride we have had the past few weeks. 

As I type this post,  I am holding my baby with tears in my eyes.  He has just fallen asleep after a rough day thus far. We just returned from a visit with his Pediatrician.  My baby has one terrible ear Infection that is being accompanied by another less severe one… As well as a sore throat.  He is really hurting.  😦


All I want to do is just sit and hold him.

Yesterday,  he was not totally himself –  he was shaking his head around and just was somewhat off.  On Friday,  when I last spoke with his Pediatrician,  I was to call her if there were any changes at all as we wait for our appointment with “portland” .  So I left a note with a nurse yesterday on the phone (I am so thankful that the office has nurses on call 24/7) and I got a call back today asking us to come in for a visit today.  I was relieved because today he has been extremely “droopy”,  exhausted,  and wanting to snuggle. In addition he has not had a good appetite.  A huge change from him just not being himself yesterday.  It is so sweet that he wants to snuggle,  but that is a red flag to me as he is normally do busy he hates to stop for even a diaper change let alone sitting on a lap.  He is all go… All the time.

Of course my husband and I have been terrified wondering if it was something to do with the cyst that was found.  THANKFULLY,  no.  The cyst is not causing any adverse effects at this time but yet,  for him to now have this infection as well is just plain evil.  It breaks my heart.  My heart just aches for him.  When my child is hurting it is so hard to handle.   So much for breastfeeding being “immunity” ….  (I know,  it is and I still believe it is the best for a baby –  I’m just venting yet again). 

Some other updates for you –  Bo has gained 1 pound since his 9 month appointment on June 26th… since starting finger foods.  I can’t remember if I had mentioned or not in my post (about his well-baby appointment) that he had been rejecting all purees and baby cereals for a while. But he has started eating everything we eat at meals and absolutely loving it.  I totally skipped the puree stage for him and he is eating anything and everything so far. It makes me happy to see him have gained some weight. 

Also,  as for the cyst… we found out that it is on the left side of his head and is 10.3 cm across at the largest place and 5.6 cm across at the smallest. So for an infant head,  this is pretty big. I have the full MRI report in front of me with very large words everywhere but that is the basic “take-home” .  The cyst is not posing any immediate threat at this point and an emergency surgery is not needed so this is a huge relief to us.  We still have our appointment with a specialist later this month with a surgery to follow at a later date TBD.  The fact that he still has a soft fontanel is helping!

Not a fun birthday for my husband but it is a gift for him knowing that Bo was not experiencing a complication of the cyst and that we now know why he was not himself. 


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