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Please, give it to me straight!

–  –  –  – Yesterday –  –  –  –

When I checked Bo in for his MRI I told the lady where the results needed to go (they were supposed to already have all of this info from our consult for the MRI,  but it pays to double check everything) and she onfirmed the info and said they would be done and sent “stat”.

Next,  The nurse that got us set up for the MRI said that the results would be sent to the ped office here as well as “portland”  and would be available no later than this afternoon because it appeared this was rather urgent.

Then,  before they took Bo back for his MRI, the anesthesiologist said that we should not have to wait long to get results because of today’s technology of files being sent electronically.  She also said there was a radiologist present for the MRI so they could get additional pictures on the spot instead of us having to go back if they “saw something” which was a bonus.

The nurse that was in bo’s recovery room a few hours later said –  the results should be available today so you guys don’t have to “wait and wonder”. She thought no longer than 3 hours and I could contact Bo’s pediatrician to get the results.

I called “portland”   yesterday at 3 (4 hours after his procedure). They had not received anything.

I called our ped office here and a nurse said they had not received anything.  She was so nice and called over the where we had the MRI done and called me right back (again, so nice) and said that they told her it would be done by the time they closed at 6 today.  She told me to call the ped office back around then to check.  She said I may not be able to get results,  but they would be able to tell me if they had at least been received.

I called the ped office at 5:50 and got a different nurse.  No results yet.  She was also super nice and called over to the MRI clinic and called me back at about 7…   They had told her that they just needed a signature to release the results and it would be done first thing in the morning.  She told me to call back around 10 tomorrow and they should have them.

Then we went on a little walk! It was a beautiful evening to be outside! Also a good stress reliever to just get out of the house.

2014-07-10 18.02.182014-07-10 18.21.31

– – –  – Today –  –  –  –

I called the ped office again this morning at 10:15 and got another very nice nurse who informed me that they had not received any results yet. She called over to MRI clinic and then called me back telling me that they would get the results faxed to them in a few minutes because they had just got the signature that they needed and that she would have Bo’s pediatrician call me as soon as she could.   She said they also told her that they would be sending them to “Portland” as well.

I called “Portland” too – no results yet.  They suggested I call the clinic where he got his MRI done and inquire.

Well… surprise – I called the MRI clinic and got a receptionist (one of the ladies I talked to yesterday) who put me on hold to check with the tech team on what the status was of the results.  She said that they were waiting on a signature before the results could be released [notice the conflict with above?] but said she would look further and give me a call back.

She called me back and asked me this……… “Are you going to Portland today”?  I am afraid I don’t know how long I paused before answering “I had not planned on it,  do I need to go?”  Then she preceded to tell me that if I wanted, I could take a burned CD of the results there to make things go quicker.

Another long pause.

Maybe I should catch the stage-coach…  Do we really need to go back in time to make things happen?

I informed her that I was told it would be sent electronically yesterday afternoon.  She said, ok. I will get back to you soon.

Can someone tell me what the sign on my forehead says?  I’m sure I can find some paper to change it if it says anything like…  “lie to me”  or… “I am stupid” …  I see about 10 jumbo crayons that I can color with if I need to make it extra bold and bright.  But as for the quickness of  “electronic ”  I am not impressed because I for one know how quick things can get done if someone actually just does it.  I know that there is a process everything has to go through, but just don’t tell me it will be fast if you know good and well that it never is.

I have spent far too many minutes on the phone with different people lately and for every minute I am on the phone trying to make sure people do their jobs, I am sacrificing mine – being a mom to my boys.

Am I frustrated?


THANKS for listening!  oh, drama!

*everyone I have dealt with have been extremely nice however, so that is great.  Also, the care Bo has received has been supreme. All the staff and doctors have been wonderful thus far and for that I am truly thankful.





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