2014 · Baby · Updates on Bo

Bo’s MRI has come and gone!

We are home after quite a seemingly long morning!

Bo could not have any food 10 hours before his MRI but thankfully could have breastmilk or water 4 hours before, so I am definitely thankful he is a breastfed baby,  otherwise he would have been super starved.  A hungry baby is not to be reckoned with.  Last night before bed I set my alarm for 6:00 which was exactly 4 hours before his MRI –  It was worth waking him up to eat –  you don’t always let a sleeping baby sleep!  In this case,  there was no question that he needed to eat instead of sleep.

I woke up at 5:57 this morning… So I had a couple minutes to spare.  Funny how that works…  I had an alarm just incase,  but somehow I awoke at the perfect time.  He ate great,  hung out on my lap for a while trying to decide if he wanted to play or sleep.  He chose to play –  which was nice because my husband and I got in a cup of coffee as we watched him crawl around the living room and explore his brothers toys freely before my toddler woke up. 🙂 Bo then decided on a nap and even stayed asleep for our whole car ride to the hospital for his procedure. I was worried about him waking up hungry before we even left.


So the morning was going super until we had to wait over 2 hours to be called back (after a lot or repetitive paperwork). It was so nerve racking to just wait. He did so good waiting with us for a very hungry guy. We waited around… walked around… Looked around at anything and everything as we waited. Finally it was his turn and I was ready to get it over with but not ready to hand him over.

It is a really weird feeling to hand over your baby to a complete (yet somehow totally trustworthy) stranger.  He was carried into a room by a wonderful anesthesiologist with about 7 people waiting to all have a part in his procedure.

Incase you are wondering what baby hospital beds look like…


Sorry to draw things out so much…  He did very well.  One of the nurses came out regularly to tell us all was going just fine.  He was given some sleepy gas and an IV (incase they needed to administer some medication) so overall was not pumped full of drugs etc.

He was “back there”  about 45 minutes and then we were sent to the hospital lobby until he was in recovery and waking up.  Boy,  was I ready to get a hold of my sweet little man!


We were in recovery around an hour while they monitored his vitals,  made sure he could eat Ok and tool out his IV.

I was so (more than) ready to get a hold of him!

And how is my sweet little man now?


He is great. He is making all his favorite sounds,  and is happy,  playful and is back to his spunky self.  He had a little nap and some food and is ready to rumble!

Now to wait for results!

We got home this afternoon and what did we do?  Tucked in my toddler for his nap,  then Bo followed shortly after with his nap…  Then my husband rested a while and what did I do? I ate the house out and cooked freezer meals – which involved scrambling approx 80 eggs to add to the bacon, sausage, and pile of veggies I already made yesterday to make about 20 various sized breakfast meals for my husband to get him through the next several mornings if I can’t get to making something due to a handful of reasons when having 2 little ones.

More updates as they come! Thanks to eveyone who was thinking of us and Bo today!


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