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Why am I so nervous?

Tomorrow morning my baby has an MRI… . What makes me so nervous?  I mean it is only an MRI,  right?

Maybe I am nervous because he is so so small and is well…  Just a baby. My baby!


Maybe because I will have to be separated from him and can’t be with him for a time. 

Maybe because he will be sedated…  Have drugs and medicine…  Be “out”.

Or because He can’t eat for several hours before –  he loves to eat.  He won’t understand why he can’t eat and will look at me wondering why. 

Maybe because we already know he has something “wrong” –  but that should take some pressure off,  right? Not really…  But what if it has actually gotten better?  Or a lot worse?  What will be found?  I don’t know but I am thankful that we live today and there is such technology.

I am nervous because I love my boys more than I can ever explain and hate that Bo has to go through this –  even if just an MRI.

I am indeed nervous about many things and will feel much better once we are all done and home and just done with all of this. 

Thanks for listening. 🙂 Thanks for your thoughts and prayers as well.  We will update you when we can.  I’m not sure when we will hear results but hopefully it won’t be too long…  It is hard to wait. 


4 thoughts on “Why am I so nervous?

  1. Any Momma out there knows exactly why you’re so nervous; and, although it’s normal, it doesn’t take away the fear and all that goes with a mama’s heart. Praying for you and standing with you believing God has Bo in the palm of His strong and mighty hands.

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