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Waiting for appointments…

We went to the park today and played… well actually 2 parks to be exact – just a nap time separated the outings.  I have not updated in a few days, so here is a brief update as I don’t have much.  For those of you that want to catch up on our current happenings with Bo: Updates on Bo



I cannot believe just how much this little one has stolen my heart.  Both of my boys are the most precious things in this world. When I had one child,  I had a hard time thinking I could love another child as much –  how do you have enough love?  Well it comes and it comes hard and strong and fast.  I don’t really get it,  but it is true.

It has been hard on me to wait when we have been told of something wrong with Bo. If I could fix his head,  I would in a minute.  It seems as though things are moving slow and our appointments are far away…  But I have been trying not to get too caught up and so focused on something being wrong with Bo and have instead tried to be thankful that we actually have 2 scheduled appointment to look towards. I am also thankful that Bo is so happy,  healthy and so incredibly full of life.

We have an MRI this Thursday followed by an appointment with “Portland” later this month. I have been feeling nervous about having to wait near a month to see the specialist as well as know he has no openings for any type of procedure until this fall.  However I was reassured late last week by one of the pediatricians here that we would be seen when we needed to be seen… Basically,  If Bo needs surgery immediately,  he will indeed have it without having to wait.  The results of the MRI are supposed to be sent directly to “Portland” for the specialist to review… And then he will decide if it is more urgent than waiting for the  appointment later this month.

So,  still some waiting…

But we have tried to do things as normal as possible in the mean time so I will share some pictures with you soon of our happenings lately.


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