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More Calls // Slowly Making Things Happen

The “saga” continues for Bo… picking up where we left off yesterday

We got a call yesterday letting us know that we have been given an MRI appointment time for July 10th here locally which will be great. It is still an entire week away, but I am ok with the progress.  They only do babies on Thursdays because the appointment slots and procedure is different as they have to be sedated. 😦

I am nervous about my baby being sedated.

I called “Portland” again this morning and we made some good progress today as well! Our doctors office here resent the referral to the office in Portland, again marked as URGENT. The office forwarded the info to the Specialist while out of town and he confirmed that we needed a sooner appointment than waiting until the fall. So that was great news….  we now have a confirmed appointment with the Specialist (Pediatric Neurologist) on July 25th. So things are moving a lot slower than we originally had thought and hoped, but we are thankful that it is much sooner than it would have otherwise been and we are thankful to now have an appointment time.

However when the “Scheduler” for the Specialist said that if your son does need to have some type of surgery or procedure we are again looking into the fall, I was bummed.  She told me  that in order to make that happen any sooner you will need to contact your son’s primary doctor and have them call the Specialist personally and discuss the urgency of this case.  So that is what I did.  I have been on the phone some today with the Pediatric office here and we are now working on this too. I’m hoping that the Doctors can connect early next week when their vacations are over… It must be the perfect week for vacations! Maybe we can’t be seen sooner than the 25th, but if Bo does indeed need some further care, we are hoping to get that taken care of sooner than later.

I am thankful for progress so I am trying not to get too undone about it all. But I have had to make a lot of calls and make sure the ball stays rolling. When it comes to my kiddos, the ball cannot stop.

After getting off the phone today I decided to take the boys to the grocery store because we are out of the essentials… milk, cereal, bananas, bread, yogurt, pouches and more…. WHY OH WHY do we have to run of such imperative things on July 3rd when everyone is at the store? Needless to say it was a madhouse!  Some rather x-large and in-charge lady gave me an evil glare and a loud disgusted “pssshhh” (no joke) because I asked her if I could grab some milk real quick… This was after her already blocking the entire aisle and refrigerated case where the milk was for a few long minutes just texting away with not a care in the world. She either had no sense that she was was holding up approximately 23 other people trying to get through or just did not care.   I have been in a “get-er-done” type of mood lately as you know so if she really wanted to get upset about it, she would have wised she left this mommy alone. Also, while she was in the way of the yogurt door as well and I could barely squeeze between her and the door to get our yogurt and one of the containers dropped right on Bo’s head as the door was shutting on us. Not Cool. It terrified him and hurt too.  So the two inches that she moved over allowed me to get the milk out, but it took a lot of restraint for me to NOT go ahead and tell her that she was blocking the entire aisle…. but I figured it would be better for everyone to go ahead and move on.


If you end up needing to hit the grocery stores today, I will hope you have clear aisles and courteous co-shoppers! Have a wonferdul Thursday everyone and very happy 4th of July!


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